How to stop the windmill - Baldur's Gate 3

We're assuming you want to stop it safely. Right?


As you make your way to the Goblin Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll inevitably pass through the Blighted Village and make contact with some goblins stinking up the joint. There are a few conversations you can have that let you avoid violence, or you can just rip and tear on sight like a middle school D&D group. Another event in this location involves a gnome, a windmill, and your (real life) perception. Or you can just read this guide to learn how to stop the windmill.

How to save the gnome in Blighted Village

To save the gnome in the Blighted Village, you'll need to stop the windmill. When you first approach this foolishness, you have a couple options. You can cheer the goblins on as they torture this dude, attack the group, or convince them to walk away. Presumably, based on stats Larian Studios has shared, your first instinct is to try to help the little guy. It’s actually pretty easy to do so, but there’s a bit of a trap meant to trip up the more impatient gamers out there.

baldur's gate 3 windmill lever - kills gnome
Do not pull the Release Brake Lever!
Source: Shacknews

Circle around the windmill to find a way in, being mindful of the grease on the ground. You might need to swivel the camera around a little, but the contraption powering the windmill has two switches on it. Odds are good, based on the placement, the first one you’ll see is the ‘Release Brake” lever. If you want to save the gnome and don’t like to reload, do not pull the Release Brake lever. It’s pretty funny if you do though, so maybe come back on a different run.

Right next to that is the ‘Brake’ lever. That’s the one you actually want to pull to safely stop the windmill without launching Mr. Gnome like a lacrosse ball. So, pull the Brake lever to stop the windmill, freeing the gnome.

baldur's gate 3 stop the windmill - saves gnome
Pull the Brake Lever to stop the windmill.
Source: Shacknews

With the windmill stopped, talk to him afterwards and he’ll give you a small reward, then do some expository foreshadowing. Maybe you’ll see him later down the road.

Check out our Baldur’s Gate 3 strategy guide page for more hints and help on this sprawling adventure.

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