Shack Chat: What game developer (besides id) would you like to see make a Quake game?

QuakeCon has us wondering who we'd like to see take a stab at the franchise that helped build Shacknews?


QuakeCon 2023 is happening right now. Everyone in attendance and watching at home were surprised not just by the reveal of a Quake 2 remaster, but also how much went into said remaster. On top of a fresh coat of paint and some AI improvements, Quake 2 even got an all-new expansion from modern Wolfenstein makers MachineGames. This annual reflection of all things Quake, the game that brought us all to this website today, had the Shacknews staff wondering who would we like to see take a crack at Quake if id Software couldn't?

We hope you enjoy our answers and chime in with a few ideas of your own. Check them out and then be sure to read up on the Quake 2 remaster announced at QuakeCon.

Shack Chat: What game developer (besides id) would you like to see make a Quake game?

The BattleBit Remastered team - Ozzie Mejia, Senior QuakeCon Watcher

Taking part in giant skirmishes in BattleBit Remastered

Source: The BattleBit Remastered team

Over the past decade and a half, we have been witness to some truly great homages to the past. As 80s and 90s kids have come of age, we've seen them step into the indie game development space and make some of their favorite games in their own image.

I've been watching this happen with BattleBit Remastered, where a plucky dev team has reenvisioned Battlefield their way. Seeing what they've been able to do with the classic DICE formula has made me wonder what they could do with the old-school id arena shooter formula. I'd be interested to find out.

MachineGames - TJ Denzer wants to bring Terror Billy to the Strogg

Wolfenstein from MachineGames

Source: Bethesda

MachineGames has had its ups and downs, but here’s something you could never possibly take away from it: They took Wolfenstein to a new level, and there’s no going back. If there was anyone capable of doing a Doom 2016-level remake of Quake, and it wasn’t going to be the modern version of id Software, then I’d trust it to MachineGames.

They didn't just pull the Wolfenstein themes and concepts. They brought the action in an extremely satisfying way. The gunplay, gore, and other features of games like Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus hit me in a way I hadn’t really felt for a single-player FPS campaign a long time before it, and I haven’t really had anything hit quite that way after either. I know MachineGames has had missteps, but I also believe wholeheartedly that when it comes to games like Quake, they know what it takes to make an oldie a new goodie.

New Blood Interactive - Asif Khan, Shacknews CEO/EIC/EIEIO

There may be bigger and better studios fit to tackle a new Quake game. Microsoft certainly has acquired enough studios in the past few years that could attempt to reboot the series, but why not think outside of the box and tap New Blood Interactive for the task. The studio/publisher releases so many “boomer shooter” titles that the company is basically a love letter to id Software. Give Dave and the boys a shot! There is absolutely no way that it could go as poorly as Quake Champions.

Bungie - Bill Lavoy, Running Ward 13

I'm really not sure about this one, so I'm going to choose the studio that makes the best shooter I play today, and that's Bungie. The two things that are never in question are the movement and shooting mechanics in Destiny 2. They are top notch, so my pick is just who I think makes the highest quality shooter out there today.

343 Industries - Sam Chandler, Pro-Stroggification

I think 343 Industries and id Software should do a swapsies. Let id tackle the next Halo title while 343i sees what it can do with Quake. Despite the fact that 343i has had difficulty with post-release content, Halo Infinite's multiplayer feels phenomenal. The gunplay is excellent and the movement is like butter, both are elements that are important for a Quake game.

Moreover, 343i, at the very least, swings big when it comes to storytelling and Infinite's story was superb. I'm probably one of the few people that thoroughly enjoyed Quake 4's campaign and would love to see another messed up narrative. Plus, Halo's Flood designs and textures are a great starting point for the Strogg.

Respawn Entertainment - Donovan Erskine, Quake Champion

Exploring in Titanfall 2

Source: Electronic Arts

Respawn Entertainment is one of the best FPS devs out there. While I love Apex Legends, I long for that team to release a shooter outside of that universe. I think Quake would be new enough territory for Respawn, while being familiar enough for general audiences that there could be some real magic there.

Those are our choices. Who would you like to see take a crack at the Quake franchise? Join the conversation and let us know in the comments.

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