How to farm Blood Moon Essence - Remnant 2

Blood Moon Essence is needed to buy things from the Bloodmoon Altar. Here's how to farm them.


Blood Moon Essence is a unique currency in Remnant 2. These are used to purchase items from the Bloodmooon Altar, like the Knotted armor set or the Faded Grimoire. Those that want to unlock more gear will want to farm Blood Moon Essence, which can only be done on Yaesha and during a blood moon event.

Farm Blood Moon Essence

Blood Moon Essence drops from purple wisps in Yaesha. The purple wisps only spawn during a blood moon eclipse event and only around the wooden houses. You will need to get at least 66 Blood Moon Essence if you want to purchase everything at the Bloodmoon Altar, which means you’ll want to start farming.

  1. Travel to Yaesha and check for a blood moon
    1. If no blood moon, travel to another world and then back to Yaesha
  2. Locate wooden houses and look for wisps, attack them to get the Blood Moon Essence
  3. Go through a golden mist door and then back again to respawn the wisps
  4. Repeat the last step until you have all the Blood Moon Essence you need
A blood moon eclipse on Yaesha
The reddish tint to the eclipse indicates a blood moon.
Source: Shacknews

To find Blood Moon Essences, quick travel to an outdoor location in Yaesha – it does not matter where. Look up to the sky to see if the moon has a reddish hue – this indicates a blood moon event. If it is a normal sky, travel to another world (not Ward 13) and then back to Yaesha. Repeat this until the blood moon appears.

Depending on the area you use on Yaesha, it can be tough to tell if it is a blood moon. You will just need to either find an area where you can see the moon clearly or take note of the ambient light. If the world looks slightly redder or pinker, then it is a blood moon event.

A wisp flies around a wooden house on Yaesha
The pinky-purple wisps tend to fly around the wooden houses on Yaesha.
Source: Shacknews

Once the blood moon is in the sky, explore the outdoor area for any wooden houses as the wisps will spawn around them and fly up into the air. Shoot the wisp and the Blood Moon Essence will zip to you.

To make the wisps respawn, simply travel through a golden mist door and then back through again. Run through the area and kill them again. If you can find a doorway near the houses then this process will be quicker.

Where you farm for Blood Moon Essence on Yaesha is unimportant. The only limitation is that the wisps seem to spawn around the wooden houses, so using an inside location won’t work (you also won’t be able to see if it is a blood moon). But once you get the blood moon event, you’ll farm up the Blood Moon Essences quickly. Take a look at our Remnant 2 page for more guides on unlocking Archetypes and solving puzzles.

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