Malignant Tunnel locations - Diablo 4

Finding Malignant Tunnels is key to getting more Malignant Hearts with less hassle.


Finding the Diablo 4 Malignant Tunnel locations is an essential part of building your seasonal character. These Tunnels are new dungeons full of foes that have a much higher chance of dropping Malignant Hearts without you having to search for events or run longer dungeons in late-game areas. There are six Malignant Tunnels in total, but two of them are worth spending time in more than others.

Diablo 4 Malignant Tunnels explained

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Malignant Tunnels are a new dungeon variant exclusive to Diablo 4 Season 1. Only six Malignant Tunnels exist, and they act as a kind of overlay on existing dungeons scattered throughout Sanctuary. Malignant Tunnels are filled with Malignant enemies and elites, which means you have a significantly higher chance of getting Malignant Hearts without having to scour the open world for them.

At the end of a Malignant Tunnel is an Outgrowth. If you use an Invoker that matches the Outgrowth’s color, a fully Corrupt foe appears that’s guaranteed to drop a Malignant Heart of the color that matches your Invoker. Running Malignant Tunnels is a key part of what you’ll be doing in Season 1’s endgame.

Diablo 4 Malignant Tunnel locations

Here’s where to find each Malignant Tunnel and what to expect from them.

Dry Steppes Malignant Tunnel – Dindai Hollow

A map image showing the Dindai Hollow Malignant Tunnel location

Dindai Hollow is in the Dry Steppes, specifically – and unsurprisingly – in the Dindai Flats region. There’s no nearby waypoint, though. The easiest way to get there is by heading east from Alzuuda or southwest from Ked Bardu.

Dindai Hollow is one of the best Malignant Tunnels to spend your time in. There are more Elite enemies earlier in the dungeon than most, so it’s an easy way to get Malignant Hearts and plenty of XP.

Fractured Peaks Malignant Tunnel – Boiling Wound

A map image showing the Boiling Wound Malignant Tunnel location

You’ll find the Boiling Wound in eastern Kyovashad, north of Gale Valley and just east of Malnok. This Tunnel is a short dungeon, so you can reach the end – and Malignant Outgrowth – pretty quickly. Head here if you want to use a Malignant Invoker.

The easiest way to get there is traveling to the Bear Tribe Refuge waypoint and heading south.

Fractured Peaks Malignant Tunnel – Fissure of Malice

A map image showing the Fissure of Malice Malignant Tunnel location

Fissure of Malice is southwest of Nostrava, the region’s Stronghold. You’ll have to clear it again, even if you finished it in the main campaign, but once you do, you get a handy new waypoint that makes accessing the Tunnel easier.

Dry Steppes Malignant Tunnel – Ravening Pit

A map image showing the Ravening Pit Malignant Tunnel location

The second Tunnel in the Dry Steppes region is in the middle of nowhere. The Blistered Barrens is the closest landmark, and you can get there comparatively quickly by traveling northeast from the Jirandai waypoint.

Hawezar Malignant Tunnel - Den of the Blighted 

A map image showing the Den of the Blighted Malignant Tunnel location

Den of the Blighted is just outside the Ruins of Rakhat Keep. There’s nothing particularly noteworthy about this Tunnel, but it’s easy to reach thanks to the Rakhat waypoint.

Hawezar Malignant Tunnel – Bedeviled Grotto

A map image showing the Bedeviled Grotto Malignant Tunnel location

Hawezar’s second Tunnel is in the wastes northwest of Backwater. This one is also easy to reach if you’ve unlocked Backwater’s waypoint.

Check out our Malignant Hearts guide and tips for farming Ichor to help get the most out of your dungeon runs, and take a look at our Season 1 overview to see what else Blizzard has in store.

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