How to get Ichor - Diablo 4

You need Malignant Ichor to craft Hearts and Invokers, but getting it isn't so simple.


How to get and farm Ichor in Diablo 4 is something you’ll weave into your routine while Season of the Malignany lasts. Ichor is an important resource used in crafting Malignant Hearts and a unique item for the season’s late game dungeons. Getting it takes a bit of patience and a lot of luck, though.

How to get Malignant Ichor in Diablo 4

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You can stock up on Malignant Ichor in a couple of ways. The easiest and least costly manner is defeating Corrupted and Malignant foes that you’ll find throughout Sanctuary in the seasonal realm. Any enemy has a small chance of dropping Ichor, though it seems that Elite and Corrupt enemies – the same ones that drop Malignant Hearts – have an even higher chance of leaving Ichor behind when you send them to the afterlife. 

Ichor also comes from salvaging Malignant Hearts. If you get a Heart you don’t want or find a better one that outclasses an earlier Heart, head to Cormond’s wagon and salvage them to get your Ichor.

Malignant Ichor farm tips

The best way to get a lot of Ichor is by running Malignant Tunnels. These seasonal dungeons are full of Elite and Corrupt enemies, so your chances of getting a decent amount of Ichor are pretty high. You’ll probably end up with some Malignant Hearts for your trouble as well, and since you can salvage Hearts you don’t want anymore to get Ichor, it’s a win-win situation all around.

You can also run around the open world and replay events as they spawn. At least one Elite always turns up during these events, so you stand a pretty decent chance of getting some Ichor that way.

Types of Ichor in Diablo 4 - How to get Brutal, Vicious, and Devious Ichor

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The type of Ichor you get from enemies is random, regardless of whether it’s Corrupted or just a regular Malignant monster. The only way to guarantee that you get Ichor of a certain type is by salvaging a Malignant Heart. When you salvage a heart, you always get Ichor that matches the type of heart it was – Devious Ichor from Devious Hearts, for example, and Vicious Ichor from Vicious Hearts.

What is Ichor for in Diablo 4?

Ichor has two purposes, and you’ll need plenty of it for both. You use Ichor to craft Malignant Hearts at Cormond’s wagon, and it costs 35 Ichor of both the types that you aren’t crafting. For instance, if you want a Devious Heart, you have to pay 35 Vicious Ichor and 35 Brutal Ichor.

The other use is in crafting Malignant Invokers. These are what you use at the end of a Malignant Tunnel to activate the Malignant Outgrowth and spawn a Corrupt foe that drops a Heart of a specific color. The trouble is, it costs a substantial amount of Ichor to craft one. You need 20 each of the Ichor that doesn’t match the Invoker type you’re crafting and 50 Ichor of the corresponding type.

If you want a Brutal Invoker, you need 25 Devious Ichor, 25 Vicious Ichor, and 50 Brutal Ichor. Since you can get Malignant Hearts comparatively easily from enemies and can even craft them for less, crafting Invokers shouldn’t be a priority until you’re much later in the season so you can use your Ichor for Heart crafting.

Check out our Malignant Hearts guide if you need some help getting Hearts without crafting, and take a glance at our Diablo 4 Season 1 overview to see what all Blizzard has in store in the coming months, including new battle pass rewards, mounts, and more.

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