Roblox data leak exposes sensitive info of over 4,000 developers in the creative community

Reportedly, names, phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, and physical addresses of attendees of several years of Roblox Developers Conferences were leaked.


Roblox is having to address and take action against the leak of a significant volume of community developer data this week. The company behind the supermassive hit sandbox and creative app recently admitted to a data leak that saw the sensitive info of around 4,000 developers shared online. The company has said it is currently going through the process of provide identity protection support to those affected.

The data leak and security breach were addressed by Roblox earlier this week, as shared by PC Gamer, though the actual breach may have happened quite some time ago. According to website haveibeenpwned, which tracks security breaches and data leaks, the leak may have happened as early as 2020. It would seem that this is around when the leak showed up, but was largely ignored, both by the community and by the Roblox company itself. However, haveibeenpwned engineer Troy Hunt brought new light to the leak after it was discovered that around 3,943 accounts had been compromised, revealing the info of attendees to Roblox Developer Conference between 2017-2020.

Haveibeenpwned engineer Troy Hunt's tweet about the Roblox data leak
According to haveibeenpwned engineer Troy Hunt, the Roblox leak may have happened years ago, but Roblox did little to bring attention to it at the time.
Source: Troy Hunt

Follow the resurfacing of the leak, as well as the severity of the volume of data shared publicly, Roblox has addressed the matter and is finally acting to help affected users with security and identity protection.

“Roblox is aware of a third-party security issue where there were indications of unauthorized access to limited personal information of a subset of our creator community," a Roblox spokesperson told PC Gamer. "We engaged independent experts to support the investigation led by our information security team. Those who are impacted will receive an email communicating the next steps we are taking to support them. We will continue to be vigilant in monitoring and vetting the cyber security posture of Roblox and our third-party vendors.”

Roblox has continued to be a company that grows its user base and, in turn, makes money hand over foot, but the news of the data leak this week is more than cause for alarm among many in its creative community. Stay tuned as we continue to follow this story for further updates.

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