Hearthstone gets godly with Titans expansion

For its 27.0 update, Blizzard's digital card game is being graced by World of Warcraft's godly Titans.

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On more than a few occasions, Hearthstone has been visited by the Lovecraftian horrors known as the Old Gods. However, Blizzard's digital card game had yet to be visited by a different Warcraft pantheon. That's changing with the next expansion, as Titans brings the gods that once shaped Azeroth to Hearthstone for the first time.

Titans will feature 145 new cards. Of those cards, 11 are the titular Titans, class-specific Legendaries that can't exactly attack on their own, but will all have a passive ability and three other abilities that can be used at the start of the player's turn (assuming the Titan survives). If those three latter abilities are used, the Titan can then attack as normal. Two of those Titans were revealed on Tuesday. They are:

  • (10) Eonar, the Life-Binder (5/7) (Druid) - Titan: After this uses an ability, summon a 5/5 Ancient with Taunt.
    • Spontaneous Growth: Draw cards until your hand is full.
    • Bountiful Harvest: Restore your hero to full Health.
    • Flourish: Refresh your Mana Crystals.
  • (6) Norgannon (3/8) (Mage) - Titan: After this uses an ability, double the power of your other abilities.
    • Progenitor's Power: Deal 5 damage.
    • Ancient Knowledge: Enemy cards cost (1) more next turn.
    • Unlimited Potential: Cast 1 random Mage Secret.
Norgannon, Legendary Mage Titan, from Hearthstone: Titans

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Look for two prominent keywords for Titans, one old and one new. Cards with the Forge keyword can be placed back into a player's deck for the cost of two mana, at which point it will be forged with a different card and result in an upgraded ability. The Magnetic keyword is a blast from the past, returning from The Boomsday Project. The difference is that, as with a recent Battlegrounds update, players will no longer have to make space on the board to combine Magnetic minions.

Here are the other new cards revealed during Tuesday's announcement:

  • (1) Embrace of Nature (Druid)(Nature) - Draw a Choose One card. Forge: It has both effects combined.
  • (8) Hodir, Father of Giants (8/8) (Hunter) - Battlecry: Set the stats of the next three minions you play to 8/8.
  • (4) Inquisitive Creation (3/4) (Mage)(Mech) - Battlecry: Deal 1 damage to all enemy minions. (Improved by each spell school you've cast this game!)
  • (2) Noble Minibot (2/3) (Paladin)(Mech) - Magnetic: After this attacks, give a random minion in your hand +1/+1.
  • (7) Tyr (4/5) (Paladin) - Battlecry: Resurrect a 2, 3, and 4-Attack Paladin minion.
  • (3) SP-3Y3-D3R (3/4) (Rogue)(Mech/Beast) - Magnetic. Stealth for 1 turn.
  • (3) Forge of Wills (2) (Warlock)(Location) - Choose a friendly minion. Summon a Giant with its stats and Rush.
  • (3) Cyclopian Crusher (3/3) (Neutral) - Rush. Forge: Gain +3/+2.
  • (8) Son of Hodir (8/8) (Neutral) - Battlecry: Shuffle four 8/8 Giants into your deck that are summoned when they're drawn.
  • (7) Prison of Yogg-Saron (3) (Neutral)(Location) - Choose a character. Cast 4 random spells (targeting it if possible).
  • (3) Fate Splitter (Neutral) - Deathrattle: Get a copy of the card that killed this.
Prison of Yogg-Saron art from Hearthstone: Titans

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone's Titans expansion is coming soon to PC. In the meantime, there are a few things to do in the game. Last week, Blizzard unveiled the new Twist mode that offers a new way to play the game. Plus, look for the annual Fire Festival to kick off on July 11 and run through August 1 and feature various rewards for both Standard Hearthstone and Hearthstone Battlegrounds. We'll keep an eye on this expansion and start thinking up ways to abuse these Titans, so keep an eye on Shacknews in the weeks ahead.

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