EU Commission charges Google with abusive practices in online advertising technology

The EU accused Google of breaching antitrust rules and may seek to break up adtech parts of the company's business.

Google looks to be in hot water with antitrust authorities in the European Union regarding its business practices in advertising technology (adtech). The EU Commission has charged Google with breaking antitrust rules in regards to its advertising and marketing business and may seek to break up that sector of the company to allay concerns about its anti-competitive practices.

The European Union reported its objections to Google’s ad business in a press release on its website on June 14, 2023. According to the report, the EU Commission has accused Google of violating various antitrust regulations when it comes to use of its adtech business:

The European Commission's concerns over Google's business practices regarding its advertising technology
The European Union Commission shared concerns that Google intentionally gives its own ad business an unfair advantage, for which it then charges a high price.
Source: European Union

With its objections published, the EU may soon take action to break up Google’s adtech business and various sectors of the company related to it. For the time being, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, will have the chance to read the EU Commission’s concerns and respond in writing, or request an oral hearing to present its rebuttal.

Google, Apple, Meta, and other tech giants have felt particular pressure under the microscope of the EU since the Union launched new legislation in the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act that are meant to protect consumers and better regulate large tech firms. Google was further hit with antitrust complaints in the European Union when a Danish job search website alleged that Google favored its own job search site and pushed down or hid the results of competing companies in relation to the topic.

With this latest move by the EU Commission, it’s now Google’s move to defend itself against the objections set forth. Stay tuned as we await the company’s response and any further action by the EU in this ongoing matter.

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