Beastieball is the next game from the makers of Chicory: A Colorful Tale

The creators of one of 2021's breakout indie gaming hits helped kick off Thursday's Day of the Devs: SGF Edition showcase.

Wishes Unlimited

Thursday's Day of the Devs: SGF Edition presentation began by checking in with developer Wishes Unlimited. This is the team behind 2018's Wandersong and 2021's Chicory: A Colorful Tale, the latter of which topped many outlets' indie game of the year lists. The team's next project is a tale of friendship, cuddly creatures, and volleyball. It's titled Beastieball.

Beastieball sees players assemble a team of Beasties, which are colorful and adorable animal creatures. Think of this as a Pokemon-like title, but instead of capturing creatures for battle, you're recruiting them to play a round of 2v2 volleyball. Volleyball sessions are turn-based, and every Beastie has different stats and abilities. Their abilities can work on offense, defense, or to bolster teammates.

Speaking of teammates, the way Beasties bond will play a major role in every game. Pairs of Beasties can develop into Besties, Partners, Rivals, or Sweethearts depending on their interactions. Their relationships will extend onto the playing field, and they can develop unique combos, which can help lead them to victory or come back from the edge of defeat.

Meeting other coaches in Beastieball

Source: Wishes Unlimited

After exploring an open world and meeting a variety of different coaches with their own personalities, players and their Beasties can raise their rankings and qualify for the Crown Series. By the end of the game, they'll prove to be the very best through chemistry and strategy. Be prepared to meet a variety of characters, rivals, sponsors, and eventually work up to meeting the mysterious Sports King.

Beastieball is currently in the works and aims to release on PC in 2024 with a price tag of $24.99 USD. Given how much we loved Chicory: A Colorful Tale, we will certainly follow this game's development. This is just the beginning for Day of the Devs: SGF Edition. Look for a full recap of the show later today.

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