Evolutis: Duality offers an 80's anime-inspired story of a pro fighter in a cyberpunk city

Poke Life Studio and PM Studios are creating a stylized action-adventure where players navigate a cyberpunk city as a professional prize fighter.

Guerrilla Collective was part of the kickoff of this season’s showcases and it came out strong with some of its reveals, including Evolutis: Duality. This game from Poke Life Studio got a fresh look on the showcase, sharing details of a cyberpunk future where you play as a professional prize fighter Chealsea Williams, who will punch, sneak, and schmooze her way through an unforgiving future where tech and corruption run rampant.

The latest trailer for Evolutis: Duality was shared during the Guerrilla Collective 2023 showcase on June 7, 2023. In Evolutis: Duality, you take on the role of professional fighter Chelsea Williams in the cyberpunk city of Fenghai. With an ailing father to take care of, players will help Chelsea navigate the prize fighting scene, the city’s criminal underbelly, its dirty backroom deals, and the decisions that come with all of that. Of course, with Williams as a fighter, there will also be fights and players will be in control as she delivers haymakers inside and outside of competition as life calls for it.

Evolutis: Duality screenshot of fighting
You'll take on fights with cybernetically enhanced combatants as you navigate the shady world of Fenghai in Evolutis: Duality.
Source: Guerrilla Collective

Easily one of the most striking features of Evolutis: Duality is its art style. It’s said to be inspired by 1980s anime, and it shows throughout. That said, the animation of the world and characters also looks particularly striking, like the rotoscoping techniques that have been used in games like Dragon’s Lair and other early animation heavy games like it. Either way, it looks like Evolutis: Duality will be an interesting and varied adventure.

The game doesn’t have a release date just yet, so stay tuned for more details as we cover Evolutis: Duality and check it out as further updates and news are revealed.

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