Ukouh Shrine (The Ability to Create) Walkthrough - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Learn the basics of Ultrahand as we guide you through this Shrine.


The Ukouh Shrine on the Great Sky Island is one of the first you’ll encounter in Tears of the Kingdom. Still, if you’re just brushing off the rust from a long hiatus, it can be tricky. We’ll help you master Ultrahand and master The Ability to Create in no time.

Ukouh Shrine (The Ability to Create)

The Ukouh Shrine, nicknamed The Ability to Create, is located at coordinates 0274, -0913, 1460 on the Great Sky Island. It’s the shrine that will give you the Ultrahand ability and teach you how to use it. It’s not overly complicated, but we can answer a few questions that may be plaguing you about this shrine.

As you enter and can move around, use Ultrahand to grab the nearby plank. You do this by pressing and holding L to bring up your abilities and then selecting Ultrahand. From there, click A while your cursor is over the plank and Link will grab it. You can also use R to rotate the plank while you’re holding it, making sure it’s positioned correctly. Use this plank to cross the small gap directly in front of you.

A map showing the location of the Ukouh Shrine (The Ability to Create) in Tears of the Kingdom

Up ahead you’ll find two more planks, but this time the gap is larger. Use your Ultrahand to grab one, then fuse it to the other plank so they are end to end. Use R to manipulate the planks into the right position and then build yourself another bridge. However, once you get to the other side, you’ll want to grab this longer bridge you’ve built and take it to the nearby corner, where you’ll find a hidden chest up on a small platform. Place the fused planks down and use them as a ramp to reach the chest.

After getting to the chest and rounding the corner you’ll see a rail that leads to the end of the Shrine and where you need to go. If you look way up, you’ll notice that there is another rail above you with a contraption traveling along the rail. Rest assured, there is nothing up there so don’t feel the need to search for another secret chest. There isn’t one. Simply use the nearby materials and your Ultrahand to attach a hook to a plank, then place it on the rail and hop on. This will allow you to reach the end of the Shrine and get a Light of Blessing.

Now that you’ve mastered the Ukouh Shrine and The Ability to Create, please be sure to check out our Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide. We’ve got more Shrines and trust us when we tell you that they get tougher. We’ve also got main quest walkthroughs, and all of the Skyview Towers.

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