Dead Space gets 90 minute free trial for the next two weeks on Steam

Still not sure whether to pick up the recent Dead Space remake? Steam has opened the gates to a 90 minute free trial, but only for a limited time.

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Many fans of the original Dead Space appeared to be pleased by the efforts of EA and Motive earlier this year. They released their remake of the Visceral Games classic back in January to critical and consumer acclaim. There may be fans of the original who are still not convinced of the new title's quality, but those players can now judge for themselves for a limited time. On Monday, EA opened the doors to a free trial, allowing anyone to try out Dead Space for a full 90 minutes.

Floating out in the void in Dead Space

Source: Electronic Arts

Dead Space's free trial is available as part of the latest Steam EA Publisher Sale. It offers no restrictions, allowing players to explore however much of the game that they want. However, the clock is running, because it's a hard out at 90 minutes. Those interested in picking up the full game will be able to pick it up at a discounted $47.99 USD price from now through May 29.

Shacknews took a look at this game earlier this year and loved what we saw. You can check out our full Dead Space review right now. Here's a quick excerpt:

When Dead Space originally came out in 2008, it revitalized a stagnant genre. Horror was in a slump from too much of the same thing and well-known franchises leaning more towards action. In came EA and Visceral Games to turn the genre on its head and give us something truly innovative and terrifying to play, a new spark to ignite the fear we were deprived of at the time. Remaking that is a tall order, so I’ve been nervous about EA Motive’s attempt from the get-go, but I’m happy to admit, my fears were unfounded. Not only is the 2023 Dead Space remake good, it takes everything that made the 2008 game good and makes it better, even outright swapping out certain weak points of the original to make a top-to-bottom must play for anyone looking for a good scare in their games.

The Dead Space free trial will only be available until May 29, which is also when the promotional price for the game's Steam version will expire. Steam will keep track of how much time is left on your trial, so make the most of the time that you have.

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