Bungie wins $6.7 million in lawsuit against Destiny 2 cheat maker LaviCheats

Bungie continues to swing its banhammer against cheat makers as it looks to collect on damages and protect its users.


Bungie has won its lawsuit against Kunal Bansal, the company behind cheating software, LaviCheats. The court has stated that the India-based company owes Bungie over $6.7 million in various violations, damages, and attorney fees.

Court documents revealed on May 8, 2023 show that the court has granted the motion set forth by Bungie in part and enters into default judgement. The document, which can be read on Scribd courtesy of GeekWire, shows that the total sits at $6,700,973.34. This number has been broken down into a few key areas:

  • $5,580,000 for violations of the DMCA
  • $300,000 for violations of the Copyright Act
  • $579,270 for violations of the Lanham Act, 15 U.S.C.
  • $241,703.34 in attorney fees and in costs
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Source: Bungie

The lawsuit was originally filed in 2021 against India-based Kunal Bansal which alleged the company was responsible for operating LaviCheats. The company offers subscription-based hacks and cheats for various games including Apex Legends, Elden Ring, Valorant, and other high-profile titles.

Bungie was able to provide evidence to the court that two versions of Destiny 2 cheats were downloaded from LaviCheats. It also offered a calculation of the amount of money LaviCheats earned through the sale of these cheats.

Bungie has also provided evidence that the Deltacheat was downloaded 962 times, while the Ring-1 cheat was downloaded 1,828 times.

Bungie states that in order to download either cheat, the user would have had to purchase the cheat from Bansal at prices that varied depending on the length of the license and the cheat acquired. Bungie calculates Bansal’s profits to range between $9,610.38 and $124,098 for the Delta cheat and between $36,377.20 to $455,172 for the Ring-1cheat. Bungie seeks an award of the higher range of these profits as damages for its Trademark claims

The company behind Destiny 2 is quickly making a name for itself for hunting down and exacting swift justice against cheat manufacturing companies and those who use them. Recently, Bungie won lawsuits against AimJunkies for $4.3 million and VeteranCheats for $12 million.

While the state of the Crucible in-game continues to fluctuate, Destiny 2 players can rest assured knowing that Bungie is at least actively pursuing those that would look to make the experience worse for others.

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