Splatoon 3 Zelda Splatfest winner & results

The winner of the latest Zelda Splatfest has been crowned. Please take a look.


Splatoon 3 held a Zelda Splatfest in anticipation of the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdome on May 12, and the results are in. Team Power has narrowly defeated Team Wisdom and Team Courage in one of the most memorable Splatfest battles in recent history. We have assembled all the results here.

Zelda Splatfest Results

Screenshot of Splatoon 3 showing Team Power won the Splatfest Conch Shells category with 34.48% of the shells.
Team Power collected 34.48% of conch shells, barely edging out Team Wisdom by less than half a percent.
Source: Splatoon 3

Team Power collected 34.48% of the conch shells, just barely edging out Team Wisdom's 34.04% with Team Courage bringing up the rear with 31.48% of conch shells.

Screenshot of Splatoon 3 showing Team Power won 36.9% of the vote.
Team Power also won the vote count with 36.9% of the ballots going in their favor.
Source: Splatoon 3

Team Power won the popular vote with 36.9%, beating Team Wisdom's 32.08%, and Team Courage's 31.08% of ballots.

Screenshot of Splatoon 3 showing Team Wisdom swept every single Splatfest Mode too
Team Power swept every single game mode playable during the Zelda Splatfest.
Source: Splatoon 3

Team Power won 34.22% of Open Splatfest matches, 35.13% of Pro Splatfest matches, and 34.47% of Tricolor Battle matches, making it a clean sweep for Ganondorf's team.

Screenshot showing Team Power swept the Splatfest with 57p.
Team Power swept the Zelda Splatfest with a total of 57p earned.
Source: Splatoon 3

Team Power winning this Splatfest does not bode well for the Kingdom of Hyrule going into the launch of Tears of the Kingdom later this week, and Splatoon 3's Hostess Shiver has set her team of Ganondorf sycophants with another goal of taking over the world.

Screenshot of Splatoon 3 showing Shiver saying
The Bad Guys really did win the Zelda Splatfest.
Source: Splatoon 3

If only there was a hero with enough courage or wisdom to stop Team Power. Alas, we'll have to wait until the next Zelda Splatfest.


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