Rogue Legacy 2's last major patch has arrived, appropriately called 'The Swan Song Update'

New game modes, Fabled Weapons, and Dream challenges have been added as Cellar Door Games lowers the curtain on new Rogue Legacy 2 content.


Rogue Legacy 2 has been out for exactly a year, and what a wonderful year it has been for the game. Cellar Door Games brought us an excellent sequel with a mountain of content to explore, but alas… all good things must eventually end, and so is the case for new content in Rogue Legacy 2. Cellar Door is ceasing new content updates on the game, but they’re not leaving us empty handed. The devs have put out the Swan Song Update for Rogue Legacy 2 on PC (console updates are coming later), and it brings all sorts of final goodies to the game, as well as bug fixes, tweaks, and other balances.

Cellar Door Games shared the contents of the Rogue Legacy 2 Swan Song Update in a Steam developer blog post, as well as a new trailer, on April 28, 2023. This update brings all sorts of major goodies, including new ways to play, new weapons, and bristling new challenges. For one, there’s now the True Rogue Mode. This dastardly mode drops you into a random biome in the game, and all of the bosses get moved to different parts of the game then they’d usually be. Adapt and survive… if you can!

Rogue Legacy 2 The Swan Song Update feature list
The Rogue Legacy 2 Swan Song Update includes a ton of new modes, weapons, and challenges for players to explore as Cellar Door Games' thanks to its fans.
Source: Cellar Door Games

There’s also the new Thanatophobia Mode. This returns from the original Rogue Legacy and it’s a doozy. You have 15 lives, represented by the 15 classes in the game. Lose a life, you lose that class and must make due with the rest. If all of your 15 lives are lost, it’s game over.

Cellar Door Games aren’t complete sadists though. They finally finished bringing the last Fabled Weapons to the game, meaning all 15 classes now have a Fabled Weapon associated with them. There are also new Dream challenges to explore, built a lot like Scars that introduce you to various secrets of characters. Can you navigate them all?

There are tons of other rebalances and improvements to Rogue Legacy 2, so be sure to check out the full patch notes. It’s been a great ride, kicking off with a glowing review here at Shacknews and a place in our Shacknews Top 10 Indies of 2022. Whatever comes next for Cellar Door Games, it seems we at least have a great final update to play while we wait.

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