Star Wars Jedi: Survivor controls & PC keybindings

All the controls for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor including PC keybindings as well as Xbox and PlayStation inputs.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor takes players on a journey across a dangerous galaxy, which means in order to survive you’ll need to learn the controls and PC keybindings. There are a lot of inputs to remember, so take a look at the table below before you dive in so you’re ready for whatever challenges arise.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor controls & PC keybindings

The Xbox controller settings screen in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor PC controls
Action PC Input Xbox Input PlayStation Input
Move Up W Left thumbstick Left thumbstick
Move Left A Left thumbstick Left thumbstick
Move Down S Left thumbstick Left thumbstick
Move Right D Left thumbstick Left thumbstick
Attack Left click X Square
Parry / Block Right click Left bumper L1
Jump Space A Cross
Evade / Drop Tab B Circle
Special Attack F Y Triangle
Heal Q Up D-pad Up D-pad
Locked E Left trigger L2
Interact/Target Click right stick R3
Interact E
Target Scroll wheel click
Map / Shortcut M View Left on touch pad
Sprint Shift Click left stick L3
Stance 1 X Left- D-pad Left- D-pad
Stance 2 C Right D-pad Right D-pad
Force Powers
Focus Ctrl Right bumper R1
Companion Combat Assist Left click X Square
Push 2 Right trigger R2
Pull 3 Left trigger L2
Locked Z B Circle
Locked F Y Triangle
Locked Space A Cross
Locked Click left stick L3
Locked Click right stick R3
Locked 4
Swim Downwards Left click X Square
Swim Upwards Right click A Cross
Swim Boost Shift B Circle
Zipline Boost Left click Right trigger R2
Zipline Brake Right click Left trigger L2
Zipline Change Direction F Y Triangle
Locked B Right  Circle
Activate BD-1 R Down D-pad Down D-pad
Locked BD-1 Ability 2 Right trigger R2
Locked BD-1 Ability 3 Left trigger L2
Locked BD-1 Ability X Left D-pad Left D-pad
Locked BD-1 Ability C Right D-pad Right D-pad
User Interface
Open Menu Esc Menu Right on touch pad
Accept Space A Cross
Cancel C B Circle
Up Up arrow Up D-pad Up D-pad
Left Left arrow Left D-pad Left D-pad
Down Down arrow Down D-pad Down D-pad
Right Right arrow Right D-pad Right D-pad
Next Tab E Right bumper R1
Previous Tab Q Left bumper L1
Secondary R X Square
Tertiary F Y Triangle
Secondary Next 3 Right trigger R2
Secondary Previous 2 Left trigger L2
Reset Scroll wheel click Click right stick R3
Show Controls G Click left stick L3
Map Zoom In Left click Right trigger R2
Map Zoom Out Right click Left trigger L2
Skip Cinematic Space B Circle
Narrative Camera Zoom Left click Right trigger R2
Skip Dialogue Line F A Cross
Exit Conversation C B Circle
Activate Photo Mode Shift + Tab
Toggle Slow Mode Equals
Active Audio Ping Minus
Nav Assist Ping
Shortcut Top Y Triangle
Shortcut Left X Square
Shortcut Right B Circle
Shortcut Bottom A Cross

Refer back to this table whenever you’re struggling to recall the controls and PC keybindings of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. You can also check in-game under the control setting. For more on the latest entry in the franchise, check out our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor page.

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