Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski's next project is a comic book called Scrapper

It's a big change for Cliffy B, who's making his comic writing debut.

Image Comics

After helping create one of the most recognizable video game properties in Gears of War, designer Cliff Bleszinski is turning his attention to an entirely new endeavor. Cliffy B is making the transition into comic books, announcing that he'll team with writer Alex De Campi and artist Sandy Jarrell on a new sci-fi miniseries called Scrapper.

"As a lifelong fan of comics it's an honor to actually create one with Alex," Bleszinski said via press release. "Scrapper comes from the heart; first, the loss of my Aussie Teddy and then finding puppy love again with our Pomsky Lady. I truly hope everyone enjoys this deeply personal work."

Image Comics will launch Scrapper, which . The story follows a stray dog named Scrapper and his struggle against the totalitarian forces of a domed city. He'll join up with his animal companions to try and save his home, but Scrapper will have to face some harsh truths and harrowing dangers along the way.

Page 1 preview of Scrapper from Cliff Bleszinski

Source: Image Comics

Bleszinski has been mostly quiet in the video game world since 2017's LawBreakers was taken offline. Rumors of Cliffy B's return to gaming have surfaced here and there since then, the most recent one coming a few days ago that even suggests LawBreakers may be on its way back in some fashion.

For now, Bleszinski appears to be excited for his new endeavor. Those interested in checking out Scrapper can check out their local comic book shop. The first issue will release on Wednesday, July 19.

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