The Sims 4 explores greenhouses and basements after passing 70 million players

The Sims 4 reaches a new milestone days ahead of the Greenhouse Haven and Basement Treasures Kit's releases.

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Because virtual life is a lot less dreary than real life these days, millions of players have gravitated towards The Sims 4. The game has been out for almost a full decade and has just passed a major milestone. Over 70 million users have logged in to the latest from EA and Maxis, which is a new record for the 23-year-old franchise. On top of that, the team still isn't finished putting out new content.

The Sims 4 passing 70 million players is largely credited to the game's recent shift to the free-to-play model. The base game is now free to download with the main source of income stemming from sales of expansions. The move has led to a 53 percent increase in average weekly users. EA also notes a 75 percent jump in new users from international territories, including various parts of Europe and South America.

Exploring The Sims 4 Greenhouse Haven Kit

Source: Electronic Arts

This is far from the end of Sims 4 content. The Greenhouse Haven Kit adds some valuable gardening tools to every player's collection, allowing them to cultivate plant life from within the safety of a fancy new glass structure. Meanwhile, the Basement Treasures Kit allows every user to build their own home within their home, designing their own personal space with hand-me-down furniture and other trinkets. The Greenhouse Haven Kit and Basement Treasures Kit will release this Thursday, April 20 on all platforms. Kits typically range for about $4.99 USD each. More details on these add-ons can be found on the Sims website.

More interesting will be what the future holds for EA and Maxis. It's not just that The Sims 4 is inching closer to its ten-year anniversary, but EA has already confirmed that a new entry in the franchise is in development. There are no updates on Project Rene at this time, but it's something we'll continue to monitor, even as The Sims 4 continues to hit new records.

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