Unboxing and reviewing must-have items from Dice Guardians

Join Shacknews' Greg Burke in opening up some seriously cool Dice Guardian products like CRWN's Arcane Skull.


Dice Guardians offers up a wealth of options when it comes to dice and displaying your favorite D20 with figures like CRWN’s Arcane Skull and one featuring Ashton Greymoore from Critical Role. Eager to learn more about these products and see them in action, Shacknews’ Greg Burke recently shared an unboxing and review video featuring several must-have items from Dice Guardians.

Prior to opening up items like the Arcane Skull, Greg first digs into the gorgeous set of “Money & Honey” dice from Dice Guardians which feature a stunning blend of vibrant green coloration with gold flakes. Next, Greg cracks open the Arcane Skull from Dice Guardians which, as previously mentioned, can be used to display your favorite D20.

Not only is the design itself cool, it also runs on batteries to help further illuminate the skull and the D20 displayed within its mouth. The color of the light is changeable as well from colors like red to yellow, to shades of blue and purple. If skulls aren’t your thing, Dice Guardians offer other display figures like the charming Fresh Cut Grass robot from Critical Role. 

Rather than hold a D20 within the mouth of a skull, Fresh Cut Grass sees your favorite D20 displayed underneath the hand of the cycling robot as it looks off to the side and gives a little salute. Same as seen with Dice Guardians’ Arcane Skull, Fresh Cut Grass also runs on batteries and offers changeable color options to help illuminate both the figure itself and the D20 held beneath its hand.

Last, but certainly not least, the Critical Role-based Ashton Greymoore figure from Dice Guardians is unboxed. Out of everything shown in the unboxing video, the Ashton Greymoore figure is the largest. Ashton is shown mid-swing with the D20 displayed behind him. 

To see more of these figures from Dice Guardians and how each one is able to uniquely display your favorite D20, be sure to watch the full unboxing and review video over on the official Shacknews YouTube channel. While you’re there, hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already, and subscribe to GamerHubTV, for more in-depth, gaming-related content.

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