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Shack Chat: What is Nintendo Systems' first project going to be?

This week, the Shacknews staff takes a stab at what this new joint venture between Nintendo and DeNA will produce first.


Earlier this week, Shacknews covered a new collaboration between gaming juggernaut Nintendo and frequent mobile gaming partner DeNA. It's called Nintendo Systems and will be comprised of top team members from both companies. Nintendo and DeNA has previously collaborated on such games as Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Mario Kart Tour, so a new joint effort seems like it could only yield good things.

With that in mind, what can we expect from Nintendo Systems first? The Shacknews staff takes a stab at this with this week's Shack Chat.

Question: What is Nintendo Systems first project going to be?

Nintendo Fit - Ozzie Mejia, Senior Nintendo and/or Fitness Editor (maybe not the last one)

Source: Nintendo

In researching my answer, I noticed that Nintendo Systems President Tetsuya Sasaki has an extensive resume, one that includes the classic Wii Sports. This was one of Nintendo's first efforts to get players on their feet and moving around, an initiative that continues through efforts like Wii Fit and Ring Fit Adventure.

By that logic, if Nintendo Systems is a collaboration between Nintendo and the mobile gaming gurus at DeNA, I would imagine that one of the new label's first ideas is to get players moving with their phones. I could see it as a fun way to reintroduce the Wii Fit Trainers and give players something to strive for on a daily basis. It's something that could offer real value to people's lives and would be a fine start to what should be an interesting company to follow.

Switch StreetPass - TJ Denzer, Liked collecting puzzle pieces

Source: Nintendo

One of my favorite things on 3DS was the StreetPass system and the activities that went along with it. I’ve always wondered why Nintendo never brought this to the Switch when making it so travel-friendly was always part of the package, but I also say better late than never.

I loved bringing my 3DS to events, malls, and other places where folks gather and getting a number of StreetPass visits so I could fill my puzzles out. It was also fun just seeing other folks’ Miis and where they were coming from. Whether we get this for the current switch or a future model, I’d love for Nintendo and DeNa to bring a StreetPass ecosystem to the Switch.

Remakes - Morgan Shaver, Nostalgia nerd

Source: Nintendo

I’ve been stumped on ideas in regards to what the first project from Nintendo Systems will be. After digging deeper into the news which references the rapid expansion of technology, and contemplating it for a bit, I feel like we could see an expanded focus on revisiting classic Nintendo titles through the creation of modern remakes.

I feel like Nintendo has yet to fully explore the potential of fully realized remakes the way other companies like Capcom have been with Resident Evil. Sure, we got modern versions of games like The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and Pokemon Snap, but what about going even farther back? What about exploring the idea of a remake even further than those games do? What about... seeing a full remake of something like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? I’m just guessing here, but even if I’m wrong, I really do think the idea of a dedicated way for Nintendo to focus on bringing older games to modern platforms would be cool.

ARG Nintendo Land - Blake Morse, Owns too many NES games

Source: Nintendo

With the recent openings of Super Nintendo Worlds in Japan and the US, I could see Nintendo wanting to bring that experience closer to home for those who can’t afford to visit their new theme parks. Bringing back Nintendo Land as some sort of ARG would make a lot of sense. IT could have mini-games, you could make fun little rides for your ARG Mii to have fun with, and there’s so many Nintendo IPs you could have pop up in limited time events or as different parts of the park. Imagine being able to lay something like that over your living room floor using your phone. Granted, Nintendo has previously partnered with Niantic to make such games, but now with their own company to focus on such endeavors, it might be time to pass the torch to them.

Nintendo IPs in mobile form - Sam Chandler, Power in your pocket

Source: Nintendo

DeNA has already shown its competency when it comes to mobile gaming. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Mario Kart Tour, along with Super Mario Run, showed that Nintendo’s iconic IPs could function well in the limited button inputs of the mobile format. I think it would make sense for Nintendo to lean into this more with DeNA, bringing other IPs from the company’s catalogue onto everyone’s mobile device. I’d love to see what DeNA could do with Splatoon, Smash Bros, or even a WarioWare style of game.

Nintendoflix - Asif Khan, CEO/EIC/EIEIO

Source: Nintendo

With DeNA and Nintendo finally announcing their first efforts of the newly-formed Nintendo Systems joint venture, I think their first project should be a proprietary video player for Nintendo content. The Mario Movie could be the first bit of content available on the platform, but The Big N probably needs a place to watch their content with Nintendo Pictures creating more videos going forward.

Sure, Nintendo Systems could create new mobile games or experiences with their IP warchest, but I think a truly disruptive app would be the NIntendo equivalent of Netflix. Bring on Nintendoflix streaming!

Nintendo Twitch - Bill Lavoy, Queensguard

I’m grasping at straws here, and I enjoy the silly name I came up with more than the actual idea itself, but I’m going with it.

Creating content around Nintendo games can be a bit of a rough go on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, so what if The Big N decided to create Nintendo Twitch with DeNA, providing a platform for creators to livestream and post their content centered around Nintendo titles? Don’t want that copyright strike from Nintendo on YouTube? No problem, just post your content to Nintendo Twitch.

Again, the name is a banger but the idea falls a little short. Of course, if Nintendo actually teamed up with DeNA to do something like this, it would probably work. Nintendo likes to post wins.

Mario or Legend of Zelda - Steve Tyminski, Stevetendo!

Source: Nintendo

What is the first Nintendo Systems project going to be? That is an interesting question. Since it would be the first project it feels like they will want to make a big splash with it. That being said, Nintendo usually goes one of two directions in "launch projects." They could bring something Mario related or Legend of Zelda related. They will want to get hype going around this project so I think two of their major properties will fit the bill. Now what could venture be? Could it be a mobile Legend of Zelda game or perhaps it will be something totally different with Mario being the star. Something Super Nintendo World related could be interesting as well. Now for my shot in the dark, never going to happen.

They should forgo the heavy hitters and go with a new Snow Brothers experience. It would never happen so Nintendo will go with a new Mario or Zelda adventure. It would be cool if they combined the two games into one super game as their first Nintendo systems project.

Those are our guesses. Do you have an idea of what the first Nintendo Systems project will be? Join the conversation and let us know in the comments.

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