Wild Hearts Lethal Blossoms update brings new Kemono & Karakuri in April

The windy, cherry blossom-wielding Murakumo Kemono and Spinning Top Karakuri will be coming to Wild Hearts in early April.


update will bring an all-new Kemono in the form of the Murakumo, and we’ll also have a new Karakuri to use with the Spinning Top. These, some new missions, and other updates are coming when the Lethal Blossoms update hits early next month.

Koei Tecmo and Omega Force revealed the details of the Wild Hearts Lethal Blossoms update with a new YouTube trailer and accompanying blog post on March 31, 2023. The Lethal Blossoms update is set to arrive on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on April 6, 2023. The headliner of this update is the new Murakumo Kemono. This Kemono is a giant fox-like creature imbued with sakura blossoms and a mastery of wind. It can weave the wind and petals into a deadly force as it bounced around in its own tornadoes. You’ll need to be nimble if you want to catch up to the Murakumo or avoid its gusty onslaught.

Wild Hearts Spinning Top Karakuri
The Spinning Top Karakuri will allow players to send a ricocheting top across the battlefield that gains power and speed as it bounces back and forth.
Source: Koei Tecmo

There are new tools to combat creatures like the Murakumo, too. The Lethal Blossoms update brings the Spinning Top Combined Karakuri. It’s a giant spinning top, just as advertised. Once deployed, the Spinning Top bounces back and forth across the battlefield, gaining speed and damage capabilities with each ricochet. If it gains enough momentum, it can easily stagger or even topple Kemono if it hits them. This will be a prime weapon against the Murakumo, but you can utilize it against effectively against other creatures as well.

Other additions are coming to Wild Hearts as well, such as the ability to collect Core Orbs and limit break your weapons and armor with further upgrades. Be sure to read the full details in the blog post to see everything coming.

Wild Hearts was an easy favorite among our co-op multiplayer experiences earlier this year and it just keeps getting better. As the Lethal Blossoms update launches on April 6, stay tuned for more Wild Hearts updates as they become available.

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