Savant - Ascent Anniversary Edition is an upcoming remaster of D-Pad Studio's first game

The developers of Owlboy are going back to where it started with Savant - Ascent Anniversary Edition, with a new soundtrack, levels, & power-ups.


D-Pad Studio won a lot of love in 2016 when it came out with Owlboy, but that’s not the only game the group has done. We’re actually near at the 10th anniversary of D-Pad’s first game and the studio is preparing an remastered version of it to celebrate. Savant - Ascent Anniversary Edition brings all sorts of new polish and content to D-Pad’s first venture, including new bosses, stages, power-ups and music, and the game will be coming soon.

D-Pad Studio announced Savant - Ascent Anniversary Edition with a new trailer on March 30, 2023. Originally released in December 2013, Savant - Ascent tells the story of the powerful Savant, who cast is cast out of his tower by a mysterious and malicious orb. Now Savant must ascend the tower, using his powers and whatever strength he can gather along the way to take it back from the magics that expelled him in this fast-paced bullet-hell shooter. Savant - Ascent Anniversary Edition brings new weapons and power-ups, new bosses and stages, and a refresh of the game’s music. The game is expected to launch in summer 2023 on PC, consoles, and mobile devices

In addition to the above-mentioned features, Savant - Ascent Anniversary Edition will also feature a new Survival Mode to allow players to challenge themselves further. In Survival Mode, bosses can appear at random as you try to go as long as possible without dying. You’ll have to gain your powers quickly and be sharp on your reflexes if you want to push your limits and get as far as possible.

D-Pad Studio may be well-known for Owlboy at this point, but Savant is where things kicked off. Now you can see where it began in what should be its best form yet. To learn more, be sure to follow D-Pad Studio on Twitter and check out the Steam page for Savant - Ascent Anniversary Edition where it can be wishlisted as well.

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