Wild Hearts Grimstalker content update brings new Kemono, weapons, armor & quests

The newly arrived Grimstalker will put your Kemono hunting skills to the test as new quests, armor, weapons, and other features come to the game today.


It’s been a little bit since Wild Hearts came out, but Koei Tecmo and Omega Force are still cranking out new content to keep the Kemono hunts going and the Celestial Thread flowing. They’ve got another update for players this month that brings a host of new fun, including the dangerous new Grimstalker Kemono, new armor, weapons, quests, and more, and the update is out on all available platforms today!

EA and Koei Tecmo announced the details of Wild Hearts’ Grimstalker content update via a post on the game’s website on March 23, 2023. As of today, players can chase down the Grimstalker Kemono. A new variant of the Deathstalker, this beast wields fire and water in brutal harmony. Normally, it will use cascading waves in its attacks to burden your movement in a watery torrent. However, when enraged, it will suddenly unleash jets of fire and devastating volcanic attacks that will fry you to a crisp if you’re not careful. Playing off the weakness of one state or the other will be key to defeating it.

Koei Tecmo's tweet repping the Grimstalker update for Wild Hearrts.
Working between the fire and water elements of the new Grimstalker in Wild Hearts will be key to defeating this deadly beast.
Source: Koei Tecmo

That’s not all that awaits players in this latest update. Defeating the Grimstalker leads to new trees of armor and weapons. Gather enough components and you’ll be able to both wield and defend against the fire and ice duo utilized by the creature, not to mention wielding it against other Kemono. There are also new and challenging quests to explore. Dreadclaw, Pearlbeak and Lavaback are nasty foes on their own, but can you best all three in a single hunt? These and other challenges await the stalwart.

We loved Wild Hearts in our Shacknews review and still play it frequently, as seen on Big Team Building. If you’re still playing too, then be sure to check out the new content on your platform of choice this weekend, and stay tuned for more Wild Hearts coverage right here at Shacknews.

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