Ra Ra Boom is a side-scrolling co-op brawler/shooter coming to PC in fall 2023

Gylee Games officially unveiled Ra Ra Boom, a narrative-driven beat-'em-up in which you play as one of four ninja cheerleeders from outer space.


When it comes to taking down an evil rogue AI and its army of deadly robots, ninja cheerleeders from outer space are probably not the first on your list of heroes to call, but they might be after Ra Ra Boom. Gylee Games unveiled this wacky adventure as a four-player beat-‘em-up in which all characters have access to close-range melee combos and firearms. The game is said to be coming to PC in fall 2023.

Gylee Games officially revealed Ra Ra Boom via a trailer and the game’s Steam Page (where it can be wishlisted now) on March 7, 2023. Taking players to a universe where an evil AI threatens the remains of humanity on Earth, a group of ninja cheerleaders from outer space arrives to take the fight to the robot army and smash them to bits while engaging in a heartfelt emotional journey along the way. The game features a wealth of hand-drawn characters and animation and is said to be landing on PC first this coming fall season.

One of the more interesting aspects of Ra Ra Boom is how it aims to address a common issue of targeting and engagement in the brawling space. Fighting areas are divided up into lanes that players and enemies can jump between as they engage in close-range melee and long-range shooties, making it easier to get to enemies and engage them accurately. Each character also has a unique variety of options for both scenarios, such as Aris with her scythe for twirling, hooking, and slashing combos up close and dual uzis for peppering enemies with shots from far away.

Ra Ra Boom gun and melee gameplay
Characters in Ra Ra Boom will all utilize a different combo of melee and guns, making for frenetic brawler and shooter gameplay in each level.
Source: Gylee Games

Ra Ra Boom looks like it’s oozing style and personality and should be a good one to watch for beat-‘em-up fans this year. Stay tuned for more information and details as we get closer to its fall 2023 release window.

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