Sifu adds free Arenas expansion with Xbox & Steam releases

Sifu nears the end of its development roadmap as it also comes to some new platforms.


The development roadmap for Sifu is near its end. The biggest item left on the agenda is the Arenas expansion, which adds some new ways to play Sloclap's brawler. On Wednesday, Sloclap showed off what players can expect, while also announcing that the Arenas expansion will release on the same day as Sifu's Steam and Xbox versions.

Arenas will add nine locations and 45 challenges across five different game modes. Here's what players can expect to see:

  • Capture: This is a "King of the Hill" mode, where players must capture and then hold a piece of territory for a certain amount of time while either keeping enemies out or beating them unconscious if they invade.
  • Survive: Players are challenged to survive against unending waves of enemies for as long as possible.
  • Manhunt: The objective is to capture a high value target. On top of the target being a skilled fighter, they'll also be flanked by powerful goons.
  • Time Attack: This is what it sounds like. Complete an area in the fastest time.
  • Performance: This is a score chasing mode, where players must rack up high scores by stringing together long combos, avoiding hits, and adding in some style.
Sliding across a table in Sifu

Source: Sloclap

This is the last of Sifu's four major content updates that were planned shortly after the game's initial release. Well, at least it's part of it. Sloclap revised its roadmap over the holiday season, so expect to see even more Arenas later this year. As with the other updates, the Arenas expansion is absolutely free for anyone who owns the PlayStation and Epic Games Store versions of the game.

Look for Sifu to get the Arenas expansion update on Tuesday, March 28. Sloclap is also adding some new ways to play Sifu. Look for the Steam and Xbox versions of Sifu to release that same day, alongside all of the free content updates released to that point, including Arenas.

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