Infernax: Deux or Die update brings co-op battle to the forces of evil in spring 2023

Grab a friend and smash the faces of Hell's denizens in tandem when Infernax gets a new playable character and co-op to go with him this coming spring.


If you didn’t play Infernax, you may have missed out on one of the finest retro style action platformers to ever take on aspects of games like Castlevania 2 and Zelda 2. It’s also hard as holy heck. Don’t fret though, because soon you’ll be able to grab one of your friends to join you on the adventure to pummel evil’s face in. Infernax is getting an update this coming spring that will not only add a new playable character, but also two-player simultaneous co-op as well. Get ready for Infernax: Deux or Die.

Developer Berzerk Studio announced the Deux or Die update for Infernax via a fresh new trailer on YouTube on February 28, 2023. This meaty trailer brings about a whole new character in the form of Cervul the Squire. Cervul has an entirely different moveset from the main character, utilizing a throwing axe, as well as multiple tools to defeat foes or buff his allies. Cervul can be played by a second player in Infernax’s new co-op mode. Don’t worry if you don’t have a pal to play with, though. You can also play Cervul in single-player, swapping between Knight and Squire with the push of a button in a new hot swap mode.

In addition to Cervul and co-op coming to Infernax’s Deux or Die update, the game has been rebalanced when playing both characters in either single-player or multiplayer to account for you having twice the power. If you don’t want to use Cervul, you can also play the original game with just the main knight as well. Even further, Infernax previously got a Contra-like Gun Mode that can be unlocked with the Konami Code, and you’d better believe you can do co-op in that mode as well, gunning down zombies, skeletons, and various other hellish minions in run-and-gun gameplay.

Infernax co-op Gun Mode
Not only will you be able to play co-op in Infernax's main adventure, but you can even bring your co-op pal to the game's not-so-secret Gun Mode.
Source: The Arcade Crew

Infernax was one of our Shacknews Top 10 Indie Games of 2022 for good reason and it only continues to cement its place in the top shelf of our indie gaming library. With the Deux or Die update coming this spring, stay tuned for a concrete release date on the new content as it becomes available.

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