Intel CEO says Arrow Lake CPUs are 'on track' with no delays

After rumors suggesting Intel's Arrow Lake CPUs might be delayed, CEO Pat Gelsinger shared a statement calling these rumors false.


Following rumors suggesting that Intel’s upcoming Arrow Lake CPUs might be delayed, CEO Pat Gelsinger stepped in to set the record straight after being asked about the matter directly during the company’s Capital Allocation Update conference.

According to Gelsinger, “The simple answer is no. No delays. Arrow Lake is on track. The 3nm programs are on track, both with TSMC as well as our internal 3nm programs including Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest.”

Intel leadership roadmap slide showing CPUs like Meteor Lake set to release in 2023
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Going off the latest assertion from Gelsinger in and of itself, it’d seem like everything is still following Intel’s previously released road maps with Meteor Lake slated for release this year, Arrow Lake set to release in 2024, and Lunar Lake coming in 2025.

However, as pointed out by outlets like PC Gamer, Intel had also previously released slides showing Meteor Lake slated for Q2 2021, and it’s been nearly two years since that window came and went. PC Gamer goes on to make the valid point that, “Two years is certainly an unusually long time between tape out and market release. And yet there are no signs of the new chip on the market.”

Moving forward, it’ll be interesting to see what the actual releases will be for Intel’s CPUs. If Intel is on track as Gelsinger suggests, we should see the release of Meteor Lake this year, and Arrow Lake following in 2024.

Until more is shared on Intel’s upcoming CPUs, be sure to check out some of our previous Intel-related coverage including Intel cutting its quarterly dividend payout by 65 percent, and Intel reportedly seeking 10 billion euros in German government funding for its new chip fab.

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