Lordstown Motors (RIDE) halts production & shipments of Endurance EV truck

The company is also recalling 19 of its Endurance pickups due to an electrical connection issue that could result in a loss of propulsion while driving.


Lordstown Motors (RIDE) announced Thursday that it will halt production and deliveries of its all-electric Endurance pickup truck citing performance and quality issues with some of the vehicle’s components, as reported on by outlets like CNBC.

In addition to halting the production and shipment of its Endurance trucks, Lordstown Motors will also recall 19 of its previously delivered Endurance pickups in order to address “a specific electrical connection issue that could result in a loss of propulsion while driving.”

In the interim while production is halted, the team will work with suppliers on the root cause analysis of each issue before exploring potential solutions, with some cases of this including “part design modifications, retrofits, and software updates.”

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Lordstown spokeswoman Colleen Robar said the company is currently unaware of any injuries associated with its recalled vehicles before declining to disclose how many total vehicles the company has produced and delivered to its customers since production began back in September of last year.

According to CNBC reporting and a regulatory filing from Lordstown last month, the company produced 31 vehicles as of January 3 and delivered six of these to customers.

"While our experienced team has made significant progress in addressing the underlying component and vehicle sub-system issues affecting the Endurance build schedule, we remain committed to doing the right thing by our customers and to resolve potential issues before resuming production and customer shipments," said Lordstown CEO Edward Hightower said in a recent press release.

Lordstown has yet to outline how long production will remain halted at its Ohio facility, though it plans to share a more detailed update on the status of these issues in its upcoming earnings call on March 6. Following the news of halted production, Lordstown shares fell around 9 percent.

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