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Check out the Wild Hearts controller buttons and PC keybindings.

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There are a lot of controls and keybindings to learn in Wild Hearts. From hunting Kemono to crafting Karakuri, there’s a button for just about everything. Whether you’re playing on PC with a keyboard, using a controller, or playing on a console, we’ve got all the information you need to get up to speed with which button does what.

Wild Hearts PC keybindings

Some of the button inputs for keyboard in Wild Hearts

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Wild Hearts players on PC using a keyboard and mouse have a ton of actions they can perform. While controller users will have multiple actions applied to one button, PC players have dozens of keys to utilize. For this reason, it can actually be tough to keep track of what action belongs to which keystroke.

Action Button
Move forward W
Move Backward S
Move Left A
Move Right D
Attack 1 (Short-Range Weapon) Left mouse click
Attack 2 (Short-Range Weapon) Scroll click
Special Attack (Short-Range Weapon) F
Attack 1 (Long-Range Weapon) F
Attack 2 (Long-Range Weapon) Scroll click
Special Attack (Long-Range Weapon) Left mouse click
Interact E
Stow Weapon / Sprint / Grab Shift
Toggle Sprint K
Jump Spacebar
Crouch X
Lock-On / Camera Reset R
Hunter Vision V
Enlarge Flying Vine Reticle Right mouse click
Karakuri Stance Right mouse click
Toggle Karakuri Stance Tab
Karakuri Disassembly Stance H
Basic Karakuri 1 E
Basic Karakuri 2 Z
Basic Karakuri 3 Q
Basic Karakuri 4 C
Dragon Karakuri Configuration Enter / Left mouse click
Dragon Karakuri Selection 1 1
Dragon Karakuri Selection 2 2
Dragon Karakuri Selection 3 3
Dragon Karakuri Selection 4 4
Dragon Karakuri Selection 5 5
Dragon Karakuri Selection 6 6
Dragon Karakuri Selection 7 7
Dragon Karakuri Selection 8 8
Dragon Karakuri Selection 9 9
Dragon Karakuri Selection 10 0
Dragon Karakuri Selection: Next E
Dragon Karakuri Selection: Back Q
Dragon Karakuri: Change Page (Up) Scroll up
Dragon Karakuri: Change Page (Down) Scroll down
Health Recovery Q
Food Z
Reaction L
Chat Wheel G
ID Display (Wheel Showing) 1
Free Input (Wheel Showing) 2
Chat Screen (Wheel Showing) 3
Menu: Map M
Options Esc
Guide Window Controls O
Confirm Left mouse click / Enter
Cancel Right mouse click / Esc
Previous Tab Z
Next Tab C
Previous Tab 2 Q
Next Tab 2 E
Next Page Left arrow
Previous Page Right arrow
Next Page (Down) Down arrow
Next Page (Up) Up Arrow
Screen-Specific Control 1 G
Screen-Specific Control 2 R
Screen-Specific Control 3 Tab
Screen-Specific Control 4 H
Screen-Specific Control 5 U

Wild Hearts controller buttons

Some of the button inputs for Xbox controller in Wild Hearts

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Xbox and PlayStation players, even some PC players, will need to know the buttons for Wild Hearts on controller. A lot of actions are mapped to the same button and what that button does will depend on context. Here are all the buttons for Xbox controllers and PlayStation controllers.

Action Xbox PlayStation
Movement Left stick Left stick
Attack 1 X Square
Attack 2 Y Triangle
Special Attack Right Trigger R2
Stow Weapon / Sprint / Grab Right bumper R1
Toggle Sprint Click left thumbstick L3
Dodge / Crouch / Let Go B Circle
Jump A Cross
Lock-On / Camera Reset Click right thumbstick R3
Interact / Hunter Vision Left trigger L2
Karakuri Stance Left bumper L1
Toggle Karakuri Stance Click left thumbstick L3
Karakuri Disassembly Stance Click right thumbstick R3
Basic Karakuri 1 Y Triangle
Basic Karakuri 2 A Cross
Basic Karakuri 3 X Square
Basic Karakuri 4 B Circle
Health Recovery D-pad up D-pad up
Food D-pad left D-pad left
Reaction D-pad down D-pad down
Chat Wheel D-pad right D-pad right
Menu View button (squares) Touchpad
Options Menu button (lines) Options button

It’s possible to edit all of the inputs on keyboard and controller. Simply open the Settings and navigate to the Controls tab. From there, select Controller Settings or Mouse/Keyboard Settings. This Controls screen also lets you edit how the camera snaps onto the target, how the Karakuri Stance functions, and the amount of time that constitutes a button is held. Be sure to check out our Wild Hearts page for more help on your hunts.

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