How to get more Healing Water - Wild Hearts

Refill your Healing Water so you can continue the hunt in Wild Hearts.

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Healing Water is what will keep you alive as you’re hunting giant Kemono in Wild Hearts. Though you might start a hunt with a pocket full, sometimes you’ll start to run dry and will be looking for a top up. Thankfully, there are ways to get a few back, refill all your charges, and even other ways to heal yourself.

How to get more Healing Water

Wild Hearts lets players hold 10 Healing Water charges right out of the gate. These can be used whenever you want, provided you’re missing a bit of health. However, take enough hits from a Lavaback and sooner or later you’ll be looking for a refill. Here are two ways to fill up:

  • Locate Healing Water plants and gather the resources
  • Use a well at an Ancient Guardian Tree
A Healing Water plant in Wild Hearts
A Healing Water plant will give you 2x charges for your Healing Water.
Source: Shacknews

The Healing Water plants are dotted all over the map and are found quite prominently near the major areas where you fight the Kemono. These plants will always give you two Healing Waters, so try not to grab them when you’ve only used one health item.

A hunter standing beside an Ancient Guardian Tree
Find one of the Ancient Guardian Trees, slap down a well, and use it to fully recharge your Healing Waters.
Source: Shacknews

Another way to fill up your Healing Water is to use a well at the Ancient Guardian Trees. These trees are spread out around the map and have blue branches like the Dragon Pits. Interact with the trees to place a well, which you can use to fully restore all 10 of your Healing Waters. Once a well is placed, it will be marked on the map as a small droplet.

However, if you’re too far from an Ancient Guardian Tree and there are no Healing Water plants around you, consider using the Healing Mist Karakuri. This will create an area around you that heals yourself and allies. It’s a neat way to stay healthy without needing to tap into your precious resources.

As you explore Wild Hearts, remember to create a well at any Ancient Guardian Tree you find. You never know when you’ll need to refill your Healing Waters. Check out the Shacknews Wild Hearts page for more help hunting these great beasts.

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