How to pick locks - Dark and Darker

Whether you've got some lockpicks or you're playing as a Rogue, you might need some pointers on picking locks in Dark and Darker.


There are several types of chests and doors in Dark and Darker that can have their locks picked. This can either done using lockpicks or by anyone playing the Rogue class. However, there is a mini game involved and it can be over before you even know it started. Here’s everything you need to know about lockpicking so you can claim the best loot and open up new routes.

How to pick locks

Picking locks in Dark and Darker requires either a lockpick or the Rogue’s Lockpick Expert perk. When you interact with a locked object, the Picking Lock bar will slowly fill and then, at a random moment, a lock dial will appear. A segment of this dial will be highlighted and a needle will quickly perform one full rotation of the dial, like the hand of a clock. You must hit Space Bar when the dial falls within the golden segment to successfully pick the lock.

The lock picking mini game on a chest in Dark and Darker
The goal is to hit the Space Bar when the needle falls into the golden segment. Doing this will unlock the chest.
Source: Shacknews

Missing the segment, hitting the Space Bar at the wrong moment, or if the needle makes a full rotation will cause the lock picking attempt to fail. If you used a lockpick, it will be consumed if you fail.

A Rogue with a lockpick in his inventory
Lockpicks are single-use items that can be used to open locked doors and chests. Use them wisely!
Source: Shacknews

For those playing on the Rogue class, the Lockpick Expert skill does not require a lockpick. It also allows for unlimited attempts, so keep going until you open the chest or the locked door. If you are not a Rogue and do not have a lockpick, an on-screen message will appear stating that you do not have sufficient skill or items to use the object.

Picking all the locks in Dark and Darker is always a great idea. However, if you are using a lockpick, it can be worth saving it for when you find a massive chest, as these seem to hold better loot than the other ornate chests. Practicing will make lockpicking easier, so create a Rogue, equip the perk, and start looking for locks to pick. For more help, check out our Dark and Darker topic page.

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