Apex Legends Season 16 rebalances Classes, sunsets Arenas & introduces Team Deathmatch

We're missing out on a new Legend, but getting quite a bit of new content in Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry when it launches this February.


With the turn of the year, it’s about time to invite another season of Apex Legends to play, and Respawn has dropped many of the details on Season 16: Revelry today. Unfortunately, we won’t get a new Legend to play with this coming season, but there’s a wealth of other goodies on the way. Notably, we’re getting the new Nemesis weapon, a rebalancing of the current Legends through their Classes, a new  and the introduction of Team Deathmatch as it replaces Arenas.

Respawn Entertainment shared the details on Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry alongside a launch trailer on February 6, 2023. Coming on February 14, 2023, to all available platforms, Apex Legends Season 16 will bring a multitude of new features to the game. Team Deathmatch is the newest way to engage in combat, allowing large scale firefights on various map segments. You’ll be able to use the new Nemesis energy rifle to light foes up in this mode and the regular battle royale. Meanwhile, there’s also a new onboarding process that will allow new players to learn Apex Legends and its various mechanics in a more reasonable and approachable way.

Apex Legends' Lifeline holding the new Nemesis energy rifle.
The Nemesis energy rifle is a hard-hitting new weapon coming to Apex Legends in Season 16: Revelry.
Source: Electronic Arts

Finally, one of the more notable things coming to Apex Legends Season 16 is the full rebalancing of Legends through the Classes system. Instead of getting a new character this season, the Assault, Defense, Recon, and Support Classes will be readjusted. The full details of these readjustments will be revealed in the days leading up to the launch of the new season, but Respawn Entertainment devs also shared that these balances aren’t meant to be drastic. They won’t make or break any Legends. Instead, they will bring new tactical and strategic wrinkles to gameplay.

Finally, the Arenas mode is being sunset in Season 16. While it has been a fun time, it would seem that Team Deathmatch is tagging in for Arenas in this coming season.

With so much more to see leading up to Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry, stay tuned for more coverage leading up to the launch of the season this February.

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