GitHub founder launches indie publisher Null Games

The first game to be published under Null Games is the roguelite hockey title, Tape to Tape.


GitHub founder Chris Wanstrath revealed today that they’re launching their own indie publisher, Null Games. According to Wanstrath, Null Games will serve as a “new wave of indie game publisher that put developers first.” Commenting on the formation of Null Games, Wanstrath remarked that while Null can’t change the industry, it’s part of a growing movement that can.

Roguelite hockey game Tape to Tape showing a hockey player defending a goal from an incoming puck
© Excellent Rectangle

The first game to be published under Null Games is the roguelite hockey title, Tape to Tape, which we featured in one of our previous Shacknews Indie Showcases. Developed by Canadian indie developer Excellent Rectangle, Tape to Tape will let players take control of a hockey team and embark on a roguelite journey to the major leagues.

The game is described as combining “modern precision with fast-paced 90s-inspired action, Tape to Tape features a unique battle system in the form of a balanced simcade hockey experience.” While it doesn’t yet have an exact release date, Tape to Tape is expected to release sometime later in 2023. To keep up with updates on Tape to Tape, be sure to add it to your Steam wishlist if you haven’t already.

Overall, it’s exciting to hear that GitHub’s founder is dipping their toes into the waters of indie game publishing. Not only that, but is helping publish games like Tape to Tape. For more on Null Games, be sure to read through the full statement on its formation from GitHub founder Chris Wanstrath. And for more indies, also check out our previous coverage including Shacknews’ most anticipated indie games of 2023.

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