Bunker 1 guide - GoldenEye 007

How to complete Bunker 1 including copying the Goldeneye key and leaving the original on Agent, Secret Agent, and 00 Agent.


Mission five in GoldenEye 007 is Bunker 1 and, as the name suggests, is the first time you’ll be visiting this location. Commit the layout to memory so your second foray will be easier. But before then, you’ll need to know how to do a few things like copying the Goldeneye key and leaving the original.

Bunker 1 walkthrough

Use the links in the table to jump to the objective you need. The 00 Agent difficulty has quite a few tasks, but they aren’t listed in the optimal order. However, no matter what difficulty you are on, each one will need to copy the Goldeneye key and leave the original.

Bunker 1 - Difficulty & Objectives
Agent Secret Agent 00 Agent
Copy Goldeneye key and leave original Disrupt all surveillance equipment Disrupt all surveillance equipment
Photograph main video screen Copy Goldeneye key and leave original Copy Goldeneye key and leave original
Photograph main video screen Get personnel to activate computer
Download data from computer
Photograph main video screen

Disrupt all surveillance equipment

There are four security cameras to destroy in Bunker 1. When all are destroyed, the objective will complete and you’ll be able to move a bit more freely without tripping an alarm. One bullet to the glass will destroy a camera or a few to the chassis.

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The first security camera is in the hallway outside of the room you face at the start of the mission. Open the door, quickly dispatch the two soldiers, and destroy the alarm. You can safely shoot the camera through the window of the door. If soldiers notice, neutralize them at the door.

Look through the window on the right to spot the security camera.
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The second security camera is directly behind the starting location. Go back to the ventilation shaft and open the other door. Peek out to spot the camera on the wall. You can either destroy it from here or the hallway.

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The next camera is on the wall in a back hallway, around the corner from the camera you just destroyed. This hallway leads to a deadend with some soldiers and boxes.

The last camera is behind the glass in the main room.
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The last security camera is in main room where the video screen is located. As you enter, look across the room to see a raised room with a glass wall. The security camera is on the wall.

Copy Goldeneye key and leave original

The Goldeneye key on the desk
Grab the Goldeneye Key off thhe table.

Copying the Goldeneye key and leaving the original first requires finding the key. The Goldeneye key is in the main room, on a desk near the programmer. Grab the Goldeneye key and then open your menu. Equip the Key Analyzer and press the shoot button. An on-screen prompt will read: Analyzing the Goldeneye key.

The Key Analyzer in the inventory
Use the Key Analyzer to copy the Goldeneye Key. Then, throw the Goldeneye Key away by equipping it and pressing the shoot button.

Once the text appears, press the shoot button to throw away the Goldeneye key. You will no longer be able to pick it up. If you’ve accidentally switched to your weapon before leaving the original, just open the menu, select the Goldeneye key, and press the shoot button to get rid of it.

Get personnel to activate computer

This next objective requires you to follow the programmer (seen above) to a set of computers terminals. Before you go to the programmer in the main room, clear out the hallways around where you started. One of the soldiers will drop the Computer Room Keycard. Use this to access the computer room early and clear out the enemies. Waiting until you lead the programmer up can cause some problems if they’re shooting you and he gets in the way.

After you meet the programmer, follow him closer to the computer terminal room.
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With the computer room cleared, go to the main room, neutralize the soldiers and the officer, and approach the programmer. If you haven’t already, grab the Goldeneye key, copy it quickly, and throw it away to do the previous objective.

Get close enough to the programmer and Bond will tell him to go to the computer room. Stick close to the programmer, if he gets too far away he’ll sprint to the closest alarm and trigger it.

Once inside the computer room, the programmer will activate the computer, but an alarm will trigger. At this point all you need to do is download the data.

Download data from computer

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Leave as soon as the data finishes downloading. You'll need to fight your way out.
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This task can be teed up as you’re leading the programmer to the computer room. Open your inventory and equip the Datathief. Once the programmer activates the computer and trips the alarm, use the Datathief on the terminal to download the data.

Photograph main video screen

Equip the Camera and snap a photo of the main screen.
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While you’re in the main room grabbing the Goldeneye key, take a quick moment to snap a photo of the big screen. Equip the Camera and snap a photo by pressing the shoot button. Snap as many photos as you want!

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All you need to do now is leave. Unfortunately, the door to the exit is in the main room and after the programmer trips the alarm the place will be swarming. Secondly, the door is locked. You have two options here: run through when a soldier opens it or find the Security Keycard. There’s a good chance it’s already in your inventory, as a soldier in the hallways drops it. Get through the door, run down the hallway, and neutralize any threats that come through the bunker’s main door. Go through the door to complete Bunker 1.

With Bunker 1 completed your next mission is Silo. Be sure to check out the Shacknews GoldenEye 007 page for more guides for each of the missions including the three difficulties: Agent, Secret Agent, and 00 Agent.

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