Can you lose Ornamental & Ancestral weapons in Hitman: Freelancer?

Ornamental and Ancestral weapons are unlocked on the Mastery track of Hitman: Freelancer, but can you lose them?


Hitman: Freelancer is out and as players dig in some common questions are popping up, such as whether Ornamental and Ancestral weapons unlocked in the Mastery track can be lost. This guide will answer that and explain the system in detail.

Can you lose Ornamental and Ancestral weapons?

An image showing Ornamental weapons on the gear wall at 47's safehouse
Ornamental and Ancestral weapons show up on the left side of 47's gear wall.
Source: IO Interactive

Yes, Ornamental and Ancestral weapons unlocked in the Freelancer mode Mastery track can be lost just as any other non-Collector’s item can be. If you take one of these weapons into a mission and fail, it will be lost. It will not return to your gear wall when you get back to your safehouse.

The good news is that Ornamental and Ancestral weapons that you lose can be acquired again the same way you would acquire other weapons in Freelancer. You’ll be able to buy your lost weapons back from a Supplier, assuming you’ve earned lots of Merces and the Supplier is selling that item. This isn’t a great solution by any means, but maybe it’s a sign these items shouldn’t be used on a mission and are more for decoration. That’s a flimsy argument at best, but it’s the only reasonable explanation I can come up with for being able to lose an item you unlock in the Mastery track of Freelancer.

Here's a list of all the Ornamental and Ancestral weapons in Hitman: Freelancer:

  • The Ornamental Pistol - Level 5
  • The Ornamental Assault Rifle - Level 10
  • The Ornamental Katana - Level 15
  • The Ornamental Shotgun - Level 20
  • The Ornamental SMG - Level 25
  • The Ornamental Sniper Rifle - Level 30
  • The Ancestral Pistol - Level 40
  • The Ancestral Shotgun - Level 45
  • The Ancestral Assault Rifle - Level 50
  • The Ancestral Sniper Rifle - Level 55
  • The Ancestral Knife - Level 60

Taking an Ornamental or Ancestral weapon with you on a hit in Freelancer really does speak to the high risk for high reward theme of the mode. Personally, I’ll find a Bartoli off a knocked-out guard to use instead of risking these items. Hopefully in the future we will see some type of insurance system added to Hitman: Freelancer.

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