How to unlock weapons - Hitman: Freelancer

Here's how you can build out your collection of weapons in Hitman: Freelancer.


Hitman: Freelancer is out now for players to dig into and there are several new gameplay systems to get used to. First is the idea that your weapon collection from the other game modes in Hitman: World of Assassination does not carry over to the Freelancer mode. Today, I’ll explain how you can obtain and keep weapons in Freelancer.

How to unlock weapons

An example of a Supplier from a mission in Hitman Freelancer
Suppliers are marked on your map and will sell you items that you don't already own for various amounts of Merces.
Source: IO Interactive

Players can get weapons in a variety of ways in Hitman: Freelancer. You can purchase weapons from Suppliers that are found in the game world as you’re on location completing missions. When you’re in a mission, bring up your map and look for an icon of two pistols, one upside down and one right side up. That’s the location of a Supplier. When you visit them, you can buy anything from their inventory if you have enough Merces.

A second way to get weapons in Hitman: Freelancer is to collect the weapons directly from the game world. While you’re on a mission you’ll often pick up items as you come across them. While in Hokkaido, I picked up the Tanto melee weapon. Not only did I use this weapon to take out my target, but I exited the mission with this item in my inventory. Once I got back to my Safehouse I placed the Tanto on my gear wall, storing it for later use. You can drop items directly out of your inventory and onto your Safehouse floor. If it’s something that can be stored, it will automatically be added to your gear wall.

Showing the contents of a Reward Crate in Hitman Freelancer
Reward Crates tend to offer better items than Supply Crates, although that really depends on what you value as an assassin.
Source: IO Interactive

Finally, weapons can be picked up from stashes while you’re on a mission or the Supply Crate and Reward Crate located in your Safehouse. The Supply Crate will appear once you exit a mission, regardless of success or failure, and will contain three random items. The Reward Crate, on the other hand, will only appear in your Safehouse once you’ve successfully completed a Showdown.

The key to weapons in Hitman: Freelancer is that almost nothing is safe. If you bring a weapon from your collection on a mission and fail, you’ll lose that item. The only exception to that are items that are considered Collectors Editions. These items can be purchased and stored persistently on your gear wall, meaning you’ll never lose that item once you have it. As for the rest, though, consider what you take into a mission very carefully because if you fail, you’ll lose that item. Of course, you can always purchase the item again or find it in another mission.

That’s how you can get your hands on weapons in Hitman: Freelancer. For more help with the Hitman: World of Assassination, be sure to keep it locked to Shacknews.

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