Google workers union to host rally in protest of 12,000-employee layoff

Alphabet Workers Union shared plans to host a protest later this week over Google's recent layoffs which recently left 12,000 employees without work.


On social media, Alphabet Workers Union (AWU) recently shared plans to host a protest this coming Thursday at 4:30 p.m. EST in New York City. The protest is in regards to Google’s recent layoffs which left 12,000 employees without work. According to AWU, “the ‘economy’ is not why 12,000 of our coworkers lost their jobs.”

Additional information in the image accompanying the tweet outlines that the Alphabet Workers Union Rally will take place at the Google Store and 9th Ave Lobby at 76 9th Ave, New York. In replies to the initial tweet, AWU goes on to point out that, “Google execs chose stock buybacks over their workers—even after making $17B in Q3 profits thanks to the efforts of their workers. We’re organizing to make sure layoffs like these never happen again.”

The rally protesting layoffs comes a little over a week after Google CEO Sundar Pichai shared details about the company’s latest batch of layoffs in a public email on January 20. According to this email announcement, Google plans to eliminate an estimated 12,000 positions with the reason cited being that the company is reportedly facing issues including hiring “for a different economic reality than the one we face today.”

As pointed out by AWU, the company’s $17B in Q3 profits comes in direct opposition to statements like this, with many finding the actions Google is taking layoffs wise to be woefully unnecessary. For more on this, be sure to read through our previous coverage of Google cutting 12,000 jobs amid a wave of ongoing tech industry layoffs, and other news including the DOJ filing its second antitrust lawsuit against Google, this time targeting its ad business.

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