Apple temporarily halts in-house Wi-Fi chip development

The company will utilize Broadcom as a supplier of Wi-Fi 6E chips for the time being.


According to sources including reports from Ming-Chi Kuo and AppleInsider, Apple has temporarily halted internal development of its own Wi-Fi chips which it was rumored to be creating for future iPhones. The reason for this pause seemingly stems from shifts in development priorities, along with an upcoming Wi-Fi standard transition and 3nm chip development.

Additionally, Apple had also reportedly been encountering issues with chip implementation given it was being developed solely for Wi-Fi as opposed to a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi combo. Currently, iPhone is expected to be the next product category to transition to Wi-Fi 6E, with the iPhone 15 scheduled to release later this year. Given that Apple won’t be manufacturing its own Wi-Fi chips, the task is instead being handled by Broadcom which will supply the chips for Apple.

According to Kuo, it’ll likely be years before Apple is fully able to begin manufacturing its own custom Wi-Fi chips, with the move to 3nm taking place between 2023 and 2025.

For more on this be sure to read through the full reports from Ming-Chi Kuo as well as AppleInsider. And for more on Apple, also check out some of our previous coverage including Apple recently unveiling its 2nd gen HomePod smart speaker, and Apple reportedly delaying its AR glasses in favor of mixed-reality HMD.

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