Bungie is changing blue engram drops in Destiny 2, again

Once players hit the Power soft cap, they should no longer see those pesky blue engrams.


Blue engrams are the bane of Destiny 2 player’s existence. They’re useful in reaching the soft cap, but after that point they are at best useless and at worst a threat to your Postmaster. Next week, Bungie is shaking things up and disabling blue engram drops once you hit the soft cap.

Revealed in the January 19 TWAB, next week’s update will see a major change to how blue engram drops work. Once a player reaches the soft cap (maximum Power without needing Powerful engrams), blue engrams will stop dropping in the world. Instead, an equivalent amount of Glimmer will drop.

Five engrams on the ground, two green, one blue, one purple, and an exotic in the front
Once you're at the soft cap, you should only see purple (Legendary) and yellow (Exotic) engrams.
Source: Bungie

In order to balance the loss in Gunsmith reputation that would have come from dismantling blue engrams, Bungie is adjusting all other sources of Gunsmith reputation by +25 percent. This should ensure that players can still level up Banshee-44 at a similar clip to when blues dropped in the wild.

As for why blue engrams were such a bane, it comes down to clutter. After a certain point, blues were only useful for bringing various bits of gear up to level or dismantling for resources. However, the largest threat they posed was to those who collect things in their Postmaster. When the Postmaster is full, any lost items that get collected push out the oldest items in there. Some players would see stacks of Ascendant Shards get pushed out by blue engrams. True nightmare material.

Bungie does note that while they think all of the blue engram sources have been found, if you see one drop when you’re at higher Power levels that you should let them know.

Previously, Bungie did tweak the drop chance of blue engrams at the launch of The Witch Queen. The expansion saw blues no longer drop from playlist activities but remain as a reward from enemies and other sources in the world. Turns out, that tweak wasn’t enough. This most recent update is another step in the right direction for managing rewards for players.

Perhaps what would have made blues more appealing is a return to Destiny’s original system. Sometimes blues would decrypt into Legendaries, while purples could decrypt into Exotics. It sure would make it more exciting to pick up an engram and see it mutate into something more powerful. For now, though, pour one out for blue engrams.

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