PowerWash Simulator gets Tomb Raider DLC for its PS5 & Switch launch

PlayStation and Nintendo are getting PowerWash Simulator just in time to help Lara Croft clean up her compound.

Square Enix

One thing to note about 2022 breakout hit PowerWash Simulator is that one might not recognize Square Enix as the publisher at first glance. That will become much more apparent with the release of new DLC, which will take players onto the hallowed grounds of Croft Manor for a new Tomb Raider tie-in. On top of that, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch owners can also come along for the ride.

PowerWash Simulator's new Tomb Raider DLC will escort players onto Croft Manor, where Lara Croft is preparing for a fundraising gala and needs a quick clean-up job. That means using the game's vast array of soaps and mixtures to polish up every corner of the property, including some rare artifacts that one might think shouldn't be on the receiving end of a highly-pressurized washer. As players clean up different corners of the compound, they'll be invited into other areas to make sure they're looking nice and polished.

Polishing Tomb Raider vehicles in PowerWash Simulator

Source: Square Enix

The Tomb Raider DLC will launch on the same day that Square Enix brings PowerWash Simulator to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Buyer beware on these new versions, however, as developer FuturLab notes that crossplay will not be available on these new SKUs. Crossplay is currently available on PC and Xbox.

FuturLab is also teasing unspecified changes to PowerWash Simulator, which will be revealed closer to the Switch/PlayStation launch dates. PowerWash Simulator will release on PS5, PS4, and Switch on Tuesday, January 31. Those versions, as well as the PC and Xbox iterations, will receive the Tomb Raider DLC at no extra charge.

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