Awesome Games Done Quick 2023 Online: Watch Day 3 here

Awesome Games Done Quick 2023 has raised over $300,000 so far in just two days! Here's the schedule for Day 3.


The beginning of a new year means the inevitable return of Awesome Games Done Quick, back for another week of marathon speedrunning. The community came together for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic back at SGDQ, but things have gone virtual once again, due to concerns over COVID policies and increasingly hostile political policies in Florida. The mission remains the same as it always has. The top runners in the world will look to speed through some of the most recognizable games of the past and present in front of a worldwide audience on Twitch and they'll do it for charity.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2023 Online takes place from the homes of many of the world's best runners. In two days, GDQ has already raised more than $325,000 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Shacknews will be watching all week and we'll make sure to bring you the daily schedule each day. Plus, we'll highlight the noteworthy runs worth watching.

Before we get to the schedule, let's look at a highlight from Day 2. There was a lot to be impressed about in the Shredder's Revenge race, but this stun lock on Metalhead is high up there.

You can watch all of the action in the embed below!

Awesome Games Done Quick 2023: Day 3 schedule

Here's the full schedule for Day 3, taken from the Games Done Quick website, along with a handful of runs to check out:

Time (All Times PT) Game Run Runner(s) Target Time
8:46 AM Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Solo All character NG+ - Xbox 360 KeynNaka 45:00
9:56 AM Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Any% No 0HP (Standard) - PC JupiterClimb, Chewy4u 18:00
10:32 AM Fashion Police Squad Any% - PC danejerus 50:00
11:42 AM Transistor Any% - PC Kass 50:00
12:52 PM Super Mario Galaxy 2 Any% Race - Wii U VC SuperViperT302, HardcoreGaming, ImJhay, MutantsAbyss 3:10:00
4:12 PM Jak II Any% - PS2 rRubiks 1:05:00
5:27 PM Outer Wilds Stranger 100% - PC ptminsker 35:00
6:17 PM BONUS GAME 3 - Resident Evil Village: Shadow of Rose Hardcore - PC 7rayD 50:00
7:17 PM Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal All Titanium Bolts - PS3 Scottobozo 1:25:00
8:52 PM Daily Recap - Tuesday Recap% - Live Interview Crew 15:00
9:07 PM Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe Any% - PC Maxylobes 22:00
9:39 PM Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2 100% - PC Nerd_Squared 30:00
10:24 PM Dead Space 3 Any% Coop - PC sharkhat87, SergeantRadish 2:20:00
1:09 AM Cryostasis Any% - PC shmumbler 35:00
1:54 AM Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Any% - PS2 Elfinout 20:00
2:24 AM FEZ Any% - PC thearst3rd 30:00
3:04 AM Sutte Hakkun 50 Levels - GBC junkyard_dave 15:00
3:29 AM Vampire Night Arcade Medium - PS2 Boyks 40:00
4:20 AM Nightmare of Decay Any% Normal - PC Gnydsmelt 20:00
4:50 AM Final Fantasy 7 Any% (No Slots) - PS Zheal 7:10:00

12:52PM - Super Mario Galaxy 2

Source: Nintendo

It always feels like Nintendo is letting this classic fall under its radar. Really, any sort of love for the superior Super Mario Galaxy game is greatly appreciated. It's even better when there's a four-way race happening. Tune in to see who comes out on top in this exciting trot through the cosmos.

5:27PM - Outer Wilds

Source: Annapurna Interactive

Speaking of strange trips through the cosmos, let's check out Outer Wilds. By that, I mean let's check out all of Outer Wilds. This run is targeting the full 100 percent, which includes everything featured in the Echoes of the Eye expansion. If you haven't seen this time-based indie excursion, be sure to check it out.

1:54AM - Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

Source: NetherRealm Studios

Now here's a game we don't see everyday. When people think of single-player Mortal Kombat adventures, they think of the horrendous experiment that was Sub-Zero. However, there was a second solo outing that came out during the PS2 generation, which is what we're seeing here. Liu Kang and Kung Lao have a much better adventure than ol' Sub did and now you can check it out for yourself in this 20-minute run.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2023 Online will take place from now through Saturday, January 14. For more, check out the Games Done Quick website and be sure to come back all week to Shacknews for more on this week's marathon.

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