Spicy, Sweet & Sour Splatfest winner - Splatoon 3

The Spicy, Sweet, and Sour Splatfest has come to a close in Splatoon 3. Check out the results and winner here!


Splatoon 3’s latest Splatfest has come to a close and there can be only one winner. This Splatfest saw taste sensations face off against one another, with Spicy, Sweet, and Sour fighting to be the victor. In order to win, the teams had to fight over five different categories. Here are the results.

Spicy, Sweet & Sour Splatfest results

The winner of the Spicy, Sweet, and Sour Splatfest is Sweet. The team took home 30 points to claim victory. There were five categories teams could earn points in: Conch Shells, Votes, Open Games, Pro Games, and the new Tricolor Battle category. Sweet managed to win three of the five categories. The following table breaks down the percentages and the points each category awards.

Spicy, Sweet & Sour Splatfest results
Spicy Sweet Sour
Conch Shells 33.22% 34.4% (8p) 32.38%
Votes 27.75% 56.84% (10p) 15.41%
Open 32.85% 35.57% (12p) 31.58%
Pro 33.93% 31.96% 34.11% (12p)
Tricolor Battle 33.89% (15p) 33.72% 32.39%
Total points 15p 30p 12p

The Conch Shell category tracks how many Conch Shells a team earns. A Conch Shell is awarded each time you level up your Catalog during the Splatfest. Sweet claimed victory here with 34.4 percent with Sour trailing by a mere 1.02 percent.

The Votes category is one of the first indicators of a team’s success, as early voting takes place right before Splatfest. This shows which team had the highest percentage of players. It would appear that most Splatoon players fancy sugar and other sweet things as more than half of the playerbase voted for Sweet: 56.84 percent went for Sweet, 27.75 percent went Spicy, while a mere 15.41 percent opted for Sour.

The results for the Spicy, Sweet, and Sour Splatfest showing Sweet as the winner

Source: Shacknews

Open Games are the non-ranked version of Splatfest. This was the last of the five categories that Sweet won, claiming 35.57 percent of the wins, a whole 2.72 percent ahead of Spicy.

Pro Games are the ranked and skill-based games in Splatfest. This is where Sour proved that all the top players were on Big Man’s side. Sour had 34.11 percent of the wins, narrowly beating out Spicy by less than a fifth of a percent (0.18 percent).

Tricolor Battles was a new category in the results despite being a cornerstone mode for Splatfest. This last mode is where Spicy proved it had what it takes to take on both teams at once. Spicy won 33.89 percent of their matches, barely preventing Sweet from winning a fourth category by 0.17 percent.

Sweet certainly swept the floor for this Splatfest. Those who participated should find their pockets filled with a few more Super Sea Snails! Check out our Splatoon 3 page for more guides and coverage on the next Splatfest.

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