Unboxing & Review: WizKids Spelljammer Mini Showcase Extravaganza!

Join us in taking a closer look at several pre-painted miniature sets from WizKids that'll make great gifts for any Dungeons & Dragons fans in your life.


Whether you’re a fan of Dungeons & Dragons or the Spelljammer Adventures in Space miniatures available courtesy of WizKids, you’re sure to love one of our most recent unboxing video showcases. Featuring Shacknews’ own Greg Burke, the video features not one, not two, but eight different unboxings starting with the Threats from the Cosmos set from WizKids.

Included in the set are new Ship Scale Miniatures at a 1:600 scale based on “based on the vessels and creatures from Dungeons & Dragon’s Spelljammer setting.” For example, Threats from the Cosmos comes packaged with pre-painted miniatures such as Cosmic Horror and Tyrant along with a Swarm of Murder Comets and an Ancient Red Dragon for good measure. The next unboxing is similar in how it shows off miniatures from the Asteroid Encounter set. With this set, fans can enjoy playing with the likes of Esthetic, Hammerhead, Megapede, and more.

To dig deeper into the lovely paintwork on each miniature, we recommend watching the video all the way through to the end as Greg later unboxes the massive and gorgeously designed set, Adult Solar Dragon & Prince Xeleth. The design on the Solar Dragon in particular is visually striking to the max and seems like it’d be the perfect item to display on a shelf alongside other WizKids miniatures, such as others unboxed in the video including the Astral Elf Patrol set.

To get an even closer look at several Spelljammer Adventures in Space miniature sets from WizKids, be sure to watch the full unboxing showcase over on the official Shacknews YouTube channel. While you’re there, make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already for even more awesome content, unboxing videos included. Also subscribe to GamerHubTV for stellar video game interviews, including one with World of Warcraft: Dragonflight developers on subjects such as improving combat and talent tree systems.

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