Metal: Hellsinger celebrates 1 million players with Archdevil Mode

Metal: Hellsinger hits a major player milestone and The Outsiders is rocking out with a new update.


One of the most pleasant surprises of the year came in the form of Metal: Hellsinger, where developer The Outsiders promised to rock out and melt demon faces. Melt demon faces they have and they have done so to the tune of one million players across PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. To celebrate this news, Metal: Hellsinger is getting Archdevil Mode, which promises to throw players straight into a fiery inferno, as part of the game's 1.5 update.

A new scene released as part of Metal: Hellsinger's 1.5 update.

Source: Funcom

Archdevil Mode will be even tougher than the Lamb, Goat, and Beast difficulties. Stronger demons will come out of the woodwork, including a new Elite Seraph demon. On top of that, there is no last stand, so once you've perished, it's game over. Of course, things aren't completely tilted in the favor of Hell's forces. New combos are also a part of this update, allowing players to perform certain actions on consecutive beats. This not only makes killing demons smoother, but it will also up the player's score.

Hardcore face-melting metal should be for everyone, so with that said, The Outsiders is now expanding Metal: Hellsinger to new platforms. Users on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One who have not made the jump to the current generation of consoles can now pick up their own copy of Metal: Hellsinger, starting today. The old-gen version of the game will be up-to-date with the newer incarnations of the game.

Those who need some convincing to give Metal: Hellsinger a shot would do well to check out our review. Anyone who wants details on the new Archdevil Mode or anything else coming in the 1.5 update, including patch notes, can head over to the Funcom forums.

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