Elon Musk reportedly met with Tim Cook over Twitter & Apple issues

Musk recently harped on Twitter about a number of issues with Apple, including a supposed threat of the social media being taken off the App Store.

In the latest round of ongoing Twitter drama, Elon Musk questionably decided to pick a fight with Apple, but according to Musk that fight has been laid to rest for now. The Tesla, SpaceX, and now Twitter lead has had a few issues with Apple in the past, but it came to a head when it seemed there was a real possibility of Twitter being kicked off Apple’s App Store. However, Musk claims to have met with Apple CEO Tim Cook and now claims Twitter is safe on iOS devices for the time being.

Elon Musk shared word of a supposed meeting with Tim Cook on his personal Twitter on November 30, 2022. In his tweets, Musk claimed to have been invited to the Apple HQ campus at Apple Park in Cupertino, California. There, he said he met with Tim Cook, who told him that Twitter was not in danger of being removed from Apple’s App Store. The removal was supposedly never even considered.

Elon Musk's claim on Twitter of meeting with Tim Cook.
Elon Musk claims to have met with Apple CEO Tim Cook to talk about Twitter's supposed removal from Apple's App Store.
Source: Twitter

This is an interesting turn of events in a week where Elon Musk went hard on the attack against Apple publicly. Musk’s tirade included claims that Apple removing Twitter from its platform would suggest “they hate free speech in America.” He also claimed that Apple had a secret (but in fact, rather well-known and very public) 30 percent cut on all in-app purchases for apps on the App Store, which would include a cut from purchases of the currently delayed Twitter Blue. Musk’s tirade apparently ended with this meeting, but that 30 percent matter will still loom with the launch of Twitter’s new verification system.

With that in mind, it seems unlikely that this will be the last we hear of tensions between Twitter (particularly Elon Musk) and Apple. Stay tuned as we continue to follow for the latest updates in this matter.

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