30XX developer talks Mega Man inspiration and grabbing the player's attention

Batterystaple Games Creative Director Chris King speaks to getting inspiration from Capcom's iconic franchise and the competitive nature of Steam.


When it comes to platformers, there are a handful of titles that stand out as jewels in the genre’s crown, with Mega Man being one of the brightest. The team at Batterystaple Games recognize the impact Mega Man has had on the medium and has created a game inspired by the iconic blue robot. Enter 30XX, a co-op, rogue-like Mega Man-like game. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Creative Director Chris King to discuss inspiration, grabbing the player’s attention, and more.

One of the first things players will notice about 30XX is its striking similarity to the Mega Man franchise. This similarity is one that the game wears with pride. While the developers aren’t shy about the inspiration, King notes that they’re also certain to not infringe upon Capcom’s iconic IP.

“Obviously if we were selling a direct, Mega Man X fan game – they’d have a problem with that,” King states in relation to Capcom being accepting of games inspired by its franchise. “They tend to be a lot less litigious than some of the other major players from what we’ve seen.” King goes on to note that while 30XX has a blue robot and is a platformer, that’s where the similarities start and end.

During our chat with King, we also discussed the competitive nature of Steam and the need to grab a player’s attention as quickly as possible. It actually caught our attention quickly, with TJ Denzer offering some glowing words on the game when he played it during early access.

If you enjoyed the interview with Chris King, there are more like them to be found over on the GamerHubTV YouTube channel. You can also find exclusive gameplay videos on the Shacknews YouTube channel.

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