Sakurai teases desire for Kid Icarus: Uprising port in latest Creating Games video

In a video on Kid Icarus: Uprising's Fiend's Cauldron difficulty system, Masahiro Sakurai mused that it would be nice if the game got a console port.

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The Fiend’s Cauldron difficulty system in Kid Icarus: Uprising was truly a cool way to go about challenge versus reward, and it’s the subject of the latest video from Masahiro Sakurai on Creating Games. However, while The Fiend’s Cauldron is quite cool, it’s the musing Sakurai had during the video that has our hearts a flutter. Apparently, the Kid Icarus: Uprising director would like to see the game get a console port.

Sakurai shared this want during his latest Creating Games video on Kid Icarus: Uprising and The Fiend’s Cauldron on his YouTube channel. The subject of the video was difficulty versus rewards, in which Sakurai was pretty happy with The Fiend’s Cauldron system. This system allowed players to adjust the difficulty by increments for higher rewards in the game. It could be risky to go up to the 9.0 difficulty, but the payoff in weapons and upgrades was great. At the end of the video, Sakurai dropped a fun musing:

“It sure would be nice to play Kid Icarus: Uprising on a home console,” Sakurai said. “I wonder if someone out there will ever port it?”

Masahiro Sakurai's statement on a Kid Icarus: Uprising port.
Sakurai left a cheeky musing that he'd love to see a Kid Icarus: Uprising port on a console.
Source: Masahiro Sakurai on Creating Games

This likely doesn’t mean anything is in the works at the moment, but it’s still a lovely suggestion. Kid Icarus: Uprising was a fantastic amalgam of things including an on-rails shooter, a 3rd-person action game, and it even had RPG and PVP elements. Alongside a wonderful soundtrack and fantastic story, it was truly a gem on the Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately, it’s relegated only to the Nintendo 3DS. It also demanded use of an accessory for the 3DS called the Circle Pad Pro... only ever used for that game. Moreover, Sakurai has said in the past that a Kid Icarus: Uprising sequel or remake would be hard to make. The lack of duel screens on the Nintendo Switch means the UI would have to be totally revamped alongside a number of other adjustments and polish.

Even so, where Masahiro Sakurai is hopeful for a Kid Icarus: Uprising port, so are we. Time will tell if it ever happens, but we’re with Sakurai. It sure would be nice.

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