Vulture's Gold Treasure Map location & solution - God of War Ragnarok

Where to find the Vulture's Gold Treasure Map and the Buried Treasure location it's depicting in God of War Ragnarok.


The Vulture’s Gold Treasure Map is one of the first ones players can discover in God of War Ragnarok. This gives players a little insight into the various rewards that can be claimed by finding and solving each one. The good news is that this is by far the easiest one to find.

Vulture’s Gold Treasure Map location

The location of the Vulture's Gold treasure map in Alfheim circled
The Treasure Map for Vulture's Gold is in Alfheim, just north of the mystic gateway in the Strond.
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The Vulture’s Gold treasure map is found in Alfheim in The Canyons. This area is first accessible on your way out of Alfheim after visiting the Temple of Light with Tyr. A wall near the mystic gateway in The Strond will be broken, granting you access to the Canyons and the Barrens.

Go through this new route to spot the treasure map on the ground beside a body. This actually counts as one of the lore items in the area.

Vulture’s Gold – Buried Treasure location

The location of the Buried Treasure for Vulture's Gold
Once you have the treasure map, you can dig up the buried treasure for Vulture's Gold inside the huge skull.
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Once you have the Vulture’s Gold Treasure Map you will be able to dig up the buried treasure. Find this treasure in The Barrens in Alfheim. Look inside the skeleton in the north of the area. The buried treasure is inside the skull and is marked by a twinkling light.

Approach the glow and interact with it. Kratos will clear it with his Leviathan axe and pick up the following resources:

  • Shattered Rune x10
  • Stonewood x1
  • Dwarven Steel x1
  • Honed Metal x1

These resources can be used to upgrade your gear at the blacksmith. Make sure you spend the time to find the other Treasure Maps as they will have the rare resources you need for further upgradess. For more help with collectibles and side quests, check out our God of War Ragnarok page.

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