How to unlock Scar - Disney Dreamlight Valley

Scar makes his debut in the latest Disney Dreamlight Valley update, but how do you get him into your village?


Disney Dreamlight Valley is continuing to add to its foundation with new stories and additional content. The latest update has brought Scar, the villainous feline from The Lion King, to the village. Well, it has for most people. If you're just getting started on the game, you may be wondering how to find him. Shacknews is here to help.

How to unlock Scar - Disney Dreamlight Valley

  1. Make sure the Sunlit Plateau is unlocked and The Curse quest is complete.
  2. Talk to Scar.
  3. Explore the cave.
  4. Find the recipe for Extra Fizzy Root Beer and craft one using the provided ingredients.
  5. Exit the cave and talk to Merlin.
  6. Return to the cave and find the explosive barrel near the cooking station.
  7. Use the provided Crackling Candy and the Extra Fizzy Root Beer to destroy the giant Night Thorns.
  8. Exit the cave and pursue The Forgotten. Pick up the item he dropped.
  9. Return to Merlin to discuss your findings.
  10. Scar should now be roaming the village.

If you've dedicated tens of hours to Disney Dreamlight Valley, finding Scar should be easy. You'll likely see the cutscene introducing him play out from the moment you boot the game after the recent October 19 update. If you're just starting the game for the first time or are in the first few hours, you're going to need to do some work first, as indicated by the Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter account.

The Elephant Graveyard opening up in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Scar's domain will open up after you have the Sunlit Plateau unlocked. This area can be unlocked after spending 7,000 Dreamlight, so start completing Daily Quests and other tasks to get that total up. That's just the first step, though. You'll need Mother Gothel for the rest of the quest.

Mother Gothel is imprisoned in the giant tree in the Glade of Trust. One of her early quests is The Curse, which will end with her release. This is the quest that requires the Orb of Trust and should be the last of the quests centered on the four main pillars. Once The Curse is complete, Mother Gothel will be free to roam the village, and the pillars of Friendship, Courage, Power, and Trust will be active. Once the Sunlit Plateau is opened up and The Curse quest is complete, you should see the cutscene that opens up Scar's domain.

Talk to Scar and he'll prompt you to explore the cave near the base of the Sunlit Plateau river. For players who have been at this a while, you'll notice that a new path has opened up along the river. Enter the cave and explore the whole thing, clearing out any rocks that are in the way. You'll eventually circle around to the starting point, where you'll find a cooking station. Grab the ingredients and the recipe, which is for Extra Fizzy Root Beer.

Crafting Extra Fizzy Root Beer in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Leave the cave and go find Merlin. He'll prompt you to return to the cave and use the Extra Fizzy Root Beer and Crackling Candy to destroy the giant Night Thorns infesting it. Go back to the cave and find a barrel near the cooking station. Insert the Extra Fizzy Root Beer and Crackling Candy and watch the ensuing show.

Exit the cave. As soon as you step outside, you'll run into The Forgotten. Pursue him through the nearby portal and pick up the Lifeless Orb. Return to the village and talk to Merlin, who will prompt you to plant the Lifeless Orb. At this point, you'll notice Scar is now roaming the village. The first quest may not be complete, but congratulations, you've unlocked Scar!

That's how you add Scar to your Disney Dreamlight Valley village. We're still enjoying our time with the game and we'll continue to pop up here and there with a few guides to help you through. Watch the Disney Dreamlight Valley topic page for the latest updates.

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