Wide World of Electronic Sports: Episode 154

Its dangerous to go alone, so that's why you have Denny and I to help you out!


Happy Monday and welcome back esports fanatics! Everyone’s favorite esports-focused talk show The Wide World of Electronics Sports returns for its 154th installment. Join hosts Denny Von Doom and myself so we can guide you along this fantastical journey. The fun kicks off today at 6:30 p.m. ET (3:30 p.m. PT) over on our Twitch channel at Twitch.tv/Shacknews.

On today’s episode we’ll be kicking things off with some fighting game community talk. Just over the weekend both Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Melee had a strong showing at Ludwig’s invitational. Between MK Leo flexing his prominent spot at #1, to Leffen expressing his distaste for the current ruleset in Melee, there will be much to break down. Shortly after this we’ll be diving into more of the traditional FGC news featuring Hip-Hop artist and gaming enthusiast, Waka Flocka Flame. Over the weekend he had some choice words for the FGC, but specifically for the fighting game pro Sonic Fox. We certainly know Waka can talk the talk but Denny and I will look closer into if he has what it takes ito walk the walk.

HCS 2022 wrapped up last night which means a new team were crowned champions. After surviving the bracket reset courtesy of Cloud9, OpTic Gaming are your grand finals champions! We’ll be diving into their journey throughout the 2022 season during the second half of the show. The competition was fierce and there were upsets all around so there will be plenty to chat about for this season and the next. To wrap up our gaming coverage we have our esports rundown to highlight and you won't want to miss our hilarious breakdown of it all.

Last but certainly not least is everyone's favorite bite-sized portion of the show, Sauce Talk. The McRib is back and apparently for the last time. According to McDonald's, the McRib is currently on its "farewell tour" but in a time where nothing truly stays gone forever can we believe Ronald? The dish is to make its triumphant and final return 10/31 and all locations across the country. 

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Rodney is the current co-host of Wide World of Electronic Sports as well as an interviewer and journalist.

His fiery passion for all things gaming was initially sparked by his father –who at the time worked the electronics section at Walmart– purchased him and his younger siblings Pokémon Gold and Silver for the Gameboy Color.

As a natural performer you can find the majority of Rodney's work in gaming in front of the camera in esports. He's worked in commentary, interviewing, and hosting positions for various companies such as AT&T, Red Bull, Amazon Prime Video, CEO Gaming, and NXNE! When Rodney isn't doing something gaming related you can find him writing theatre music, hosting sneaker conventions, and much more!

Rodney can be reached at rodneyconyersjr@shacknews.com and on Twitter @rodneyconyersjr.

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